Kool Air International Co., Ltd, an industry leader of evaporative cooling technology, with more than 15 years’ experience and advantages on R&D, manufacturing and marketing channels, Kool Air aims to be your perfect solution provider on air processing with full range of evaporative cooling products including evaporative air coolers, cooling pads,ventilation fans,for household,commercial,industrial as well as agricultural use.


Kool Air aim to create a green and eco-friendly concept for building and industrial projects as global warming is a major concern for the world at current. Its products have resulted in energy efficiency thus reducing cost significantly for commercial and industrial professionals to optimize usage of energy in an intelligent manner.By adopting this concept, Kool Air will continuously pursue research and development programs to manufacture quality and competitive products.


Started the manufacturing in 1992 and export since 2006, Kool Air has also become the leading polyurethane panel manufacturer in China and provides one stop solution for cold room products. As an important part for product diversification on air processing --- cold rooms, with the longest full automatic production line in China and annual producing capacity 1.5 million square meters, which can cover the various of uses in cold chain transportation and storage, to further cater for the continuously growing needs from customers both in foreign and domestic.


Kool Air constantly pursues maximum value for our customers and we consider it’s more than a business with our worldwide partners but also a green life concept and social value that can benefit the future generations. With the combination of expertise, strength, resources and support of our dedicated and loyal staff, we are confident of a dynamic success. Together, we will strive for excellence.

Today, more than ever, Kool Air can be your natural choice on air processing field, as it can be used wherever we go; it is related to our daily life.