Working principle of cold storage

2017-05-25 14:51:21 koolair 12386

A, cold storage principle. Cold storage is the use of very low gasification temperature of liquid (refrigerant), so that it becomes a gas at low pressure evaporation, thereby absorbing heat, to achieve the purpose of cooling.

In addition to the low boiling point refrigerant with cold outside, also called harmless to human organs, the metal does not corrode, no fire and explosion danger, no chemical reaction with the lubricant, but also should have good absorbing performance, evaporation, low pressure in the high-pressure condensation system, low viscosity and low price etc..

Cold storage refrigerant gasification and heat absorption for the working principle of cold storage host compressor, there are two types of compression, absorption. The compression application more. The main structure of the cold storage refrigeration machine is: compressor, condenser, evaporator and cold air blower.


B, cold storage management. Fruit cold temperature varies by species, most late maturing varieties in cold storage -10 C is appropriate. The humidity of cold storage should be 90%.

Fruit harvest, must be cooled as soon as possible (pre cooling to 0 degrees Celsius), preferably in the harvest after 1 to 2 days into the cold storage. Not because of the fruit of the air temperature is 21 DEG C under the delay of 1 days, under 0 degrees will be reduced by 10 - 20 days of storage life, therefore, after postharvest fruit grading selection, in the cold storage after 3 - 5 days should be rapidly cooled to 0 DEG C storage -1.

Schematic diagram of working principle of cold storage: the storage of fruits in cold storage is mainly to regulate and control the temperature, humidity and gas composition of cold storage. The temperature is adjusted according to the different requirements of different varieties, in the period of temperature, evaporation speed control to control the temperature of cold storage refrigerator refrigerant. Cold storage cooling pipe system due to frost, and hinder the heat conduction effect, cooling effect, and the humidity is too low due to frost, cold storage, so it should be regular heating defrosting, and timely adjust spray to wet or cold humidity. Cold storage ventilation should be carried out at night, if the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the cold storage tank, air purifier can be installed, but also 7% of caustic soda absorption.