Natural cooling

2017-05-25 14:51:31 koolair 26521


Evaporative Cooling - An ancient idea 


Around 2000 years ago, ancient Egyptians pour water on the reed and put it up as curtain to cool the room.


In early 1900’s, wood wool was used together with fan and water to form the earliest evaporative air cooling units.

In 1950’s, evaporative cooling pad was invented, which is widely used today all over the world as the most natural way of cooling and a cheaper cooling solution compared with air conditioning technology.


People live in the hot areas always find out a various ways to cooling down the temperature when summer’s coming, Evaporative cooling, as one of them, ancient people used this idea to cool the room by pouring water on the reed and put it up as curtain, when hot wind went through the curtain, temperature was cooled down.

Nowadays, with the instant technology innovation, Evaporative cooling pad has replaced the reed and wood wool as the cooling media, to maximize the evaporation area and increase the cooling efficiency.

Evaporative Air Cooler, as the modern industrialized product based on this ancient theory, brings this benefit to every aspects of our life. 

The pump circulates water from the water tank on to a cooling pad, which in turn becomes very wet. A fan draws hot air from outside the unit through the moistened pad. As it passes through the pad the air is cooled by evaporation, and then is pressured out by ventilator.