Industrial Cooler 18000 M³/H.

Model : RDF-180BST
Voltage/Frequency : 220V/50HZ
Maximum Air Volume : 18000 M³/H
Current : 4.8 A
Power : 1.1 KW
Product Size : 1100*1100*1000 MM
Net Weight : 60 KG
Water Tank : 25 L
Evaporation : 60 L/H
Working Area : 100~150 ㎡

Principle of evaporative air cooler

  The crucial part of "KOOL AIR" evaporatvie air cooler - evaporatvie cooling pad.

  The product works based on the principle of "evaporatvie cooling " and use high efficiency cooling pads as evaporation media.

  The fan drives air through the evaporative cooling pads, water driven by the pump to circulates from top to bottom of cooling pads. Heat is supplied by air to water which cause water evaporation and air cooling. Evaporative air cooler, is the ideal solution for hith emperature and crowd places, which can be combined with the functions of cooling, ventilation, dust extraction and increasing the indoor fresh air.

HVLS Fan|Evaporative Air Cooler|Cooling Pad

Reference data for air exchange frequency in various places

  Air exchange frequency (times/H) = total air flow rate (M³/H) / indoor space volume.

  • 25~30 times per hour for general environment;

  • 30~40 times per hour for crowded public place;

  • 40~50 times per hour for workshop with heating equipment;

  • 50~60 times per hour for workshop with high temperature and high air pollution;

  Air exchange frequency can be increased in damp areas, and decreased in dry places.

The way to calculate the cooler quantity needed

  Cooler quantity needed = indoor space volume * air exchange frequency / cooler air flow rate.

  Spot cooling projects shall varies based on actual situation.

  The ducting system shall be matched with the air cooler model, and air outlet quantity shall be considered when designing.

Cooling alternatives contrast (Base on area of 150㎡)



1 unit cost : 1.5 K USD


1 unit cost : 4.0 K USD


8 units cost : 0.5 K USD

Power Consumption

0.6 K USD4.6 K USD
2.0 K USD
Cooling Efficiency


Air Oxygen Level★★★★★★★
Air Delivery★★★★★★★★★★★
Keep Hot Air Out★★★★★★★
Air Purification★★★★★★★
Smells Removal★★★★★★★★★★
Prevent Dryness★★★★★★★
Dust Removal

Air cooler push away hot and stale air , ventilates with cool, clean and fresh air, power consumption low;

AC circulates cold but stale air, power consumption high;

Fans only move the ambient air but offers no relief as temperature rises, power consumption very low.

Our advantages

  • Low investment with high efficiency

  • Low power consumption

  • Fresher Air

  • High cooling efficiency

  • High volume fan and long distance air throw

  • Humidity Adjusting

  • Considerable design.

HVLS Fan|Evaporative Air Cooler|Cooling Pad

HVLS Fan|Evaporative Air Cooler|Cooling Pad

* Products complied with Standard GB/T 25860-2010 under testing condition DB38°C/WB23°C

* Kool Air reserves the right to make alternations to specifications without prior notice.