Evaporative Cooling Pad-7090#

Long Life, High Efficiency, Maximum Cooling, Self-supporting

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What is a Cooling Pad? 


Cooling pads are fabricated from special celllulose material that has been treated with unique ingedients and design to achieve high efficiency. The cooling media is constructed of a specially formulated paper impregnated with insoluble resin. It is designed with a cross-fluted configuration, which induces highly turbulent mixing between the ater and the air inside the pad. 

Cooling Pad Use - Climate Control


Direct evaporative cooling is most often associated with tempurature reduction.

With an evaporative cooling pad, air is drawn trought the wet media. 

The heat exchange occurs as air moves over the layered, fluted surfaces of the wet pad causing water to evaporate off the pad, thus removing heat from the air.