Exhaust Fan

Evaporative Air Cooler | Exhaust Fan

Model No. : Exhaust Fan
Type : Axial
Air volume : 28000, 32500, 37500, 44500 M³/H
Power : 0.37,0.55, KW
Certificate : ISO, CCC, CE
Blade : Stainless steel
Frame : Hot-galvanized, stainless steel

Exhaust Fan

exhaust fan

Kool Air Ventilation fan is the ideal exhaust fan whenever extra high airflow capacity is required. The unique propleller design is self-cleaning with high quality and excellent performance. 

The square fan housing and shutters are made of a strong galvanized steel, or stainless steel(optional); 

The 6-blade propeller is statically and dynamically balance for low noise and low vibration, which is available in stainless steel, galvanized steel and pre-coated galvanized steel.

Four units ranging from 28000 to 44500m³/h airflow extract out of the specified space are available, this make KA series ventilation fan more suitable for some application such as Evaporative cooling system, 

Supermarket, Hospital, Workshop, Textile, Garment and all type of factories and so on. 

Ventilation Fan Features

High efficiency ventilation capacity with low investment and operation cost

Fan housing and shutters are made of galvanized steel to ensure higher strength

Each motor is individually tested for 100% quality control

The 6-bladed propeller is made by stainless steel