Industrial Series

High wind volume, low speed new industrial large fan, safety diameter can reach 7.3 meters; Using aerodynamics principle to develop and manufacture, safe, reliable and durable; With only 1.5 KW motor drive the wing type fan, produce the large area to simulate natural wind system, accelerate the air flow, large Spaces covered area body feeling temperature can be up to 5 ~ 6 degrees Celsius, improve staff working environment, improve work efficiency, perfect solve tall space ventilation cooling problem.

Brand : RTF
Model : OM-KQ
Diameter : 12
Kw/Hp : 1.5/2.0
RPM : 0~75
CMM : 5800~13200
Current : 2.72~2.95
Sqm. : 630~1800


– high Volume, Low Speed – fan is a  super large energy-saving fan with diameter up to 7.3 meters (24ft)

The airfoil blade of Classical series is streamlined, which are developed with the  advanced technologies and the principle of  aerodynamic. Just with a power of  1.5kw or less,  the HVLS fan are able to move a mass of air and then produce a large scale of natural wind, which leads to the double functions of ventilation and cooling. 

Unlike a small, high-velocity fan that creates small, turbulent air streams that quickly disperse. An HVLS fan relies on size, not speed, to move a significant amount of air, it result is a silent, non-disruptive and even distribution of 1~3m/s breezes over large spaces. 

Wind Chill Effect – Cooling

Industrial Series
  • It is the secondary cooling effect when air passes over human skin (Similar to a fan created effect) thereby causing a lower temperature sensation.

  • As an example:the air temperature of 31 ℃ at air velocity 2.5m/s can create a sensation of 26.5 ℃

  • How to make people feel cooling down 5-8℃?

  • The running of big diameter fan bladeaccelerate the air flow, and increase the evaporative efficiency of the sweat on human being, and this evaporation process take away the heat in body, that’s called wind chill effect.

  • As for the specific influence created by different wind speed, please see above graph, which can show you different temperature with different wind speed to make the difference that people feeling.

Dehumidification effect date sheet

  • HVLS fan can accelerate the air mixing of whole space which helps to distribute and absorb the odors, smoke and humidity very well, thus to improve the quality of air and provide a fresh, arid and safe environment


Wind Chill Effect – Cooling

Industrial Series
  • Usually the ventilation is restricted in a tall and big space, and the exhaust fan can barely work forthe floor or corner of building where people and equipment located, while HVLS fan can solve the problem completely by sending a well-aligned wind in full space, coordinated with the roof ventilator, to improve the air quality and achieve a healthy and comfortable working environment.



Fan Dia.





Air Low











Commercial Series

  • Innovative double bearing design, more durable and steady

  • Imported aeronautic aluminum alloy (AA7075)

  • Forged by 1000T machine with 570Mpa extension strength

  • T6 heat processing

  • Denmark imported "DANFOSS"VFD(Variable Frequency Driver) inverter

  • IP55 motor protection grade and NEMA 1 standard control box

  • Schneider brand electrical sets, with safety protection module inside which will interrupt the output automatically in case of some accidents.

Industrial Series
  • German imported "NORD" coaxial bevel wheel decelerator with diamter of axle 40mm, to decrease radial force

  • German imported "Simrit" double oil seal design, more durable and reliable

  • "Shell" brand top class "Omala" S4 lubrication oil, Zero maintenance for over 20000 hours

  • IE2 high efficient motor with imported "SKF-VL" bearing, save more 5~10% than IE1

  • High strengthaircraft aluminum alloy:AA6063T6511, PVFD processed on surface

  • Patented airfoil design, and special reinforcing rib support system, which increases the strength of fan blade and avoids the sagging of fan tail and fatigue loss of connecting components

  • Customized fan blade color

Industrial Series
  • Building structure: H-beam, I-beam, concrete, bent frame structure, spherical structure etc.

  • Building total height is required more than 5M.

  • Safe distance between fan blade and obstacles is more than 0.3M, and the height between installation point and below obstacles, such as crane, is 1.2M.

  • Input power: 380V or 220V