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Save energy, Stay Cool! Professional Cooling and Ventilation ExpertRTFANS, the best HVLS fan and evaporative cooler manufacturer in CHINA, one-stop to provide owners with energy-saving, ventilation, cooling solutions.

professional cooling and ventilation expert
Who is RTFANS?
Professional Cooling and Ventilation Expert.

With 18 years of experience in the market, Kool Air International Co., Ltd, has become an industry leader in evaporative cooling technology and also a solution provider in large space ventilation and cooling.

The HVLS fans brand – “RTFANS” is professional in the prestigious, especially in factories and warehouses, ventilation and cooling direction. Kool Air aims to be your perfect solution provider for on-air processing with a full range of evaporative cooling and ventilation products, including evaporative air coolers, cooling pads, big HVLS fans for industrial, commercial, household and agricultural use.

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Who We Are?​

Professional Technical Team

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As a member of an energy-saving and environmentally friendly business, we are proud to devote ourselves to large space cooling and ventilation technology and bring our customers better air with less cost and energy. We are proud to be in this business not only because we continuously satisfy our customers with quality products and service, but also because this business brings social value to the entire world and benefits our future generation.

We think this is an important point and worth mentioning. RTFANS gains broad knowledge and experience in large space ventilation and cooling applications. RTFANS aim to create favorable and fresh working & living environments for human comfort and increase productivity with less cost and energy consumption. We are happy to share our experience with friends who need, please write to us any time. We will reply to you at our first sight of your information.

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HVLS Fans Brand

Expert. Experienced.

RTFANS gains broad knowledge and experience in evaporative cooling products and technology, to create favorable and fresh working & living environment for human comfort and increasing productivity, with near 18 years’ strict criterion and monitoring during the process of survey on-site, system design, construction guide, test operating and after-sales service in order to ensure the efficiency of our product. We can use RTFANS coolers wherever we go; We relate it to our daily life.

professional cooling and ventilation expert
Brand Vision

Become a global supplier of environmental technology. Form enterprise and employee development community.

professional cooling and ventilation expert
Corporate Culture

Solidarity, Innovation, Responsibility, Win-win.

professional cooling and ventilation expert
Operation Principle

People-oriented No best, must do better, science management Treat people with sincerity.

professional cooling and ventilation expert
Employment Ideality

Select those who lack virtue disable those who lack virtue The virtuous and talented are exceptional.


We aim to be a world-leading solution supplier specialized in large space cooling and ventilation. Join us to develop more and help our earth to be greener.

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