Advantages of Installing Big HVLS Fan

Advantages of Installing Big HVLS Fan

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The big HVLS Fan diameter up to 7.3 meters and the blade in streamline type allow users to enjoy a 1-3m/s 3D air supply to form a natural breeze system.

Easy to use

The new frequency conversion with a step-less speed control system is easy to use and a user-friendly operation interface allows you to enjoy the beauty of life.

Beautiful and Durable

After complicated surface treatment, the product can avoid the pain of cleaning. The big HVLS Fan has high-cost performance and the lifespan of each fan can reach over 10 years.

Energy Saving

Perfect streamlined design and strict measurement selection test, one big HVLS Fan can effectively cover an area of over 1,500 square meters and consume only 1.5KW of power consumption. RTFANS cooperates with the pioneering technical team of big HVLS Fan and well-known scientific research institutions to integrate market resources, research repeatedly on technical problems, barriers, customer feedback, safety and instability factors of similar products at domestic and abroad, and then innovate to launch the new fans of safe, environmentally friendly and efficient “Generation 7 in the industry”. Kool Air International Co., Ltd is a Chinese professional supplier for RTFANS HVLS Fan, evaporative cooling products, and solutions with over 18 years’ experience. Someone can use widely our quality products in the fields of household, commercial, industrial, livestock and agricultural. Kool Air aims to be your perfect solution provider for on-air processing. For more ventilation and cooling information, please follow us at