All About Giant Industrial Ceiling Fans That You Should Know.

All About Giant Industrial Ceiling Fans That You Should Know.

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You might have heard about or seen giant industrial ceiling fans. You might have wondered how they work and what their features are. Giant industrial ceiling fans are remarkable in the history of ceiling fans. The latest technological advancements and their features allow them to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, we are going to discuss all the essential things that you should know about these large industrial ceiling fans. It will clear all your confusion about them. We will try to explain everything in detail to give you a better idea of this advanced technology. Let’s start the discussion.

How Large Industrial Ceiling Fans Work?

This is the most common question that comes to mind when you see a big industrial ceiling fan. There is no doubt that they are advanced electrical appliances, but their working principle is straightforward. All kinds of large industrial and commercial ceiling fans are HVLS fans. HVLS means High-Volume Low-Speed. All these fans have a high volume of airflow while running at low speed. If you look at large industrial ceiling fans, you will notice that they move slowly. Then you might think about how they can provide a high volume of air at low speed. The simple answer is through engineering. The big industrial and commercial ceiling fans are engineered according to aerodynamic standards to provide high airflow. They have a unique blade design to direct the air and give a well-aligned breeze.

The number of fan blades also matters a lot. It is not simple to decide the number of blades for an excellent performance. Some giant industrial ceiling fans have six blades, while some have seven, and so on. RTFANS large industrial ceiling fans now have six blades after a lot of research and modifications. We have now arrived at the conclusion that six blades provide maximum performance.

The large blades of giant industrial ceiling fans provide a high volume of air at a very low speed. Therefore, they are excellent for large areas.


These fans can also help to spread the cool air of the HVAC systems. So, you can use them to assist the air conditioning system. They are usually used in factories, shopping malls, fitness centers, libraries, warehouses, churches, and all large areas.

Large HVLS ceiling fans are beneficial. They can work in large areas for ventilation. Typically, most HVLS fans can be installed in an area that is 4 meters high or above. They will cover a very large area and improve air quality. HVLS fans can also enhance the quality of air by reducing the humidity and temperature up to some extent. Due to their high airflow, the large ceiling fans can keep the people dry and comfortable. Their well-aligned breeze will give a cooling sensation to the people working in the area. Small ceiling fans cannot do all these things. You can say that giant ceiling fans are one solution to many problems.

1. Size of Giant Industrial Ceiling Fans

Giant industrial ceiling fans are quite large as compared to household ceiling fans. They can cover a wide area due to their large size. The size of most large ceiling fans is between 3.7m to 7.3m (12ft-24ft). You can use these sizes according to the area that you want to cover. They are perfect for large industries.

2. Power Rating

Large industrial ceiling fans require a special motor to drive the blades. The power rating of the motor is usually in the range of 1.5-2 kW. You might think that this power rating is too much, and it will increase the electricity bill. But they cover a large area, so the power per unit area of these fans is less. You will need to install a few large fans in the area. These fans use less energy as compared to HVAC systems. They only use 10% of what HVAC systems use. So, you can reduce your energy bills using these fans.

3. Weight

Due to the large size of giant HVLS fans, the weight is also affected. They are very heavy. They require trained and expert people for the installation. The weight can be from 80 kg to 130 kg. RTFANS industrial ceiling fans have a weight in the range of 90kg to 12kg. The weight depends on the size of the fan.

4. Noise

Many people think that these fans produce a lot of noise. But they are very quiet. They are even quieter than most residential ceiling fans. The reason behind the low noise is their well-lubricated and unique motor. Further, they run a low speed, so they do not cause a lot of noise. The usual range of the rpm is between 0-80 RPM. RTFANS large ceiling fans have a noise level of 43dB. Therefore, they are very quiet. The noise level of a silent library is 40dB, and now you can imagine how quiet are RTFANS giant industrial ceiling fans.

5. Airflow

Due to the large size of the ceiling fans, they have very high airflow. They run a low speed, but the volume of the air they provide per unit time is commendable. A 7.3m large ceiling fan can provide airflow of around 13,000 cubic meters per minute. RTFANS large ceiling fans have airflow in the range of 6,000 to 13,500 cubic meters per minute. 13,500 cubic meters per minute is enough for a large area of around 1500 square meters. Thus, these fans are excellent for large areas.

6. Safety

Many people worry about the safety of giant industrial ceiling fans because of their large size. It is true that these fans are very large and heavy, but the safety measures are also according to that. They are completely safe, and there is no reason to worry. Let’s discuss the things that make these fans safe to use.

7. Safety Cables

After hanging the fan on H-beam or ceiling, the fan is supported through safety cables. There are a few steel cables used to keep the fan in place. Due to these cables, the fan never moves or vibrates. They maintain the balance of the fan. RTFANS HVLS ceiling fans are stabilized using four steel cables. Each cable can sustain 1,000kg stress. The largest RTFANS industrial fan weighs only 125kg, so it can be easily stabilized by the cables. The cables also help the fan to be at the level. No matter the H-beam is straight or not, the cables can level it perfectly according to the ground.

8. Blade Safety Locks

Some people think that the blade of these large fans may fall, but they are properly locked together. There are safety locks that tie one blade to the other, so the blades are tied together. This provides more stability and strength to the fan. The blades will not fall from the fan. RTANS HVLS ceiling fans also have six pieces of safety locks to tie all six blades together.

9. Fasteners

The fasteners that are used in large ceiling fans are not simple. They are special fasteners that are according to the industrial grade. They tie all the blades and keep everything intact. These are durable and sturdy.

Countries that Use Large Ceiling Fans

HVLS ceiling fans are used in many countries. They are usually used in such countries where the temperature remains hot almost all year. These countries can use HVLS fans to ventilate the area. The countries that use HVLS large ceiling fans are India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, Singapore, and Thailand. These countries have summers for most of the time during the years. Further, the temperature is also hot. Thus, giant industrial ceiling fans can keep people dry. Many factories use these large fans to keep people comfortable and healthy. The fresh air of these ceiling fans improves the air quality. They can help to ventilate the area using high airflow. They also improve the quality of the air. Moreover, these fans are also beneficial for normal temperatures when there is no need to use HVAC systems.

Some of the above-listed countries have a high level of humidity. So, they can be beneficial in decreasing the humidity as well. Most companies and factories use HVLS fans in India, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, and the Philippines.

Long Life

Large industrial ceiling fans have a long life as compared to residential ceiling fans. They can even work for a decade without any hassle. They are maintenance-free, so you don’t need to worry about frequent repairs. Normally, they have a warranty of at least 3-years.

Final Thought

Giant industrial fans are very useful. Due to new technology and aerodynamic design, they can cover a large area. You can install them and get dozens of benefits. These fans not only ventilate the area but also reduce the humidity and improve air quality. Further, they can ventilate the area at a very low cost as compared to HVAC systems. This is the reason many factories and industries use these fans. They are excellent for large public areas as well. Many countries, such as India, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, and Australia, are famous for the use of HVLS fans. These fans are very beneficial for different seasons, especially for the summer.