Big Industrial Ceiling Fans Everything Explained.

Big Industrial Ceiling Fans Everything Explained.

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A common ceiling fan that we use at home cannot work in a large area. You cannot install such fans in warehouses, factories, workshops, and other large areas. These fans cannot provide enough air and exhaust fans are also useless. To solve this problem, you need to have big industrial ceiling fans. Yes, these are special fans that can cover a wide area. You might have heard a lot about big industrial ceiling fans and experienced them in some places. In this article, we will tell more about these fans. We will tell you their purpose, why they are useful, and some reasons to use them. If you are new and confused about using these, then you are in the right. We will explain everything in detail.
While talking about the big industrial ceiling fans, people come across a common term which is “HVLS Fans”. HVLS fans are referred to as a kind of fans that have a high volume of air at low speed. HVLS stands for High Volume Low Speed. There can be different HVLS fans that can be mounted at different locations, they can be commercial, residential, or industrial, but you can find HVLS big industrial ceiling fans with ease. These fans provide a good volume of air and they rotate slowly. Due to slow rotation and other factors, they are very silent. They are excellent for industries and big areas. They distribute the air over the whole area and assist your central cooling system. Within less time they can spread the air to every corner. The quality of air also gets improved, they can distribute odor and humidity. Therefore, the people in the area feel more comfortable.

How do big industrial ceiling fans look like?

Big industrial ceiling fans have fan blades that are connected to a motor. They look like simple ceiling fans, but they can have 6 or more fan blades. Moreover, the size is around 7.2 ft. So, these fans are big, and they can cover a large area. They can easily circulate the air in the whole area. Their design is made according to industry standards to work properly. You can mount them on the ceiling with special mounting brackets.

Reasons for getting Big Industrial Ceiling Fans

There are many reasons that make these fans special. Let’s discuss some of the reasons.

1. Better Air Flow

In a large area, small fans and exhaust cannot do the job because you need to spread the air throughout the area. Big industrial ceiling fans do this job for you. They distribute the air in a well-aligned manner to provide healthy and fresh air to the whole area.

2. Energy Saving

Big industrial ceiling fans are very large; thus, they can cover a very large area and you need lesser fans as compared to small ceiling fans. Moreover, these fans do not run fast, they have slow speed and a 1-2 horsepower motor can do the job. If you had installed small ceiling fans, then you would have installed many of them. Small fans will have more power consumption per-unit area as compared to big industrial ceiling fans. You will only require 6-7 big industrial ceiling fans for a 9000 m² area while on the other hand, you will have to install a few hundred fans. Hence, you can save energy and money by using these fans.

3. Provides Healthy and Fresh Air

These fans provide a high volume of air over a wide area. This helps to decrease odor, smoke, and humidity in the area. Thus, they can provide fresh and healthy air for the people who are present at the place. They can serve as a dehumidifier up to a certain level.

4. Less Maintenance

Most big industrial ceiling fans do not require frequent maintenance. They are almost maintenance-free. So, you can enjoy a hassle-free natural breeze with a longer life of fans.

5. Central Cooling Assistant

The cool air given by ACs can be distributed evenly to every corner of the area by using big industrial ceiling fans. It also reduces the running duration of your AC because it spreads the air quickly. Moreover, in normal temperatures when you don’t need an AC, these fans can ventilate the area.

6. Less Noise

These fans move slowly, and they have very low noise. They will provide a natural breeze with bearable and unnoticeable noise. It won’t disturb you during work.

RTFANS HVLS Big Industrial Ceiling Fans

RTFANS produce HVLS ceiling fans that are excellent for a wide area. These fans have a diameter of 7.3 ft. There are various diameters available according to the requirement. They can cover an area of 1600 sq. meters. You can have high airflow of up to 13,500 cubic meters/ min. There are six models available according to use.

Application Area

  • Warehouse
  • Factories
  • Workshops
  • Big Public Places
  • Waiting Area, etc


Elegant Design: RTFANS has an elegant design. They only have 6 fan blades that can cover a wide area. Further, they look like ordinary ceiling fans.

Tridimensional Breeze: The fans provide a breeze in all directions. They can cover every corner of the area.

Quiet: These fans are very quiet. All models have a noise level of 43 dB only. This means they are quiet and they will produce low noise just loud as a refrigerator.

Long-life: RTFANS have a long life. They can easily work for 8-10 years. Moreover, they do not require maintenance, they have maintenance-free motors.

Big industrial ceiling fans are very useful, they save your space and money. They consume less electricity per unit area as compared to other fans. Thus, you can save money. These fans are ideal for industries, restaurants, factories, and other large areas. They can easily distribute healthy and fresh breeze to every corner of the area. We have also told you the reasons for buying big industrial ceiling fans to clear your confusion.

Moreover, we have also mentioned RTFANS HVLS fans that are elegant, efficient, and durable. They are very quiet during the operation. You can have any model of HVLS fans according to your requirements. For more information about the fans, feel free to contact us.