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Control System

Evaporative Air Cooler Modbus Group Control System

As a high-efficiency, energy-saving, green, and environmentally friendly ventilation and cooling product, RTFANS evaporative air coolers have been widely used in various industries such as automobiles and parts industries,

Cool a Large Space

How can HVLS Fan Cool a Large Space? - RTFANS's Blog

HVLS fans are large ceiling fans that are installed in large spaces for achieving better ventilation in the area. Small residential fans that are commonly used in homes are not suitable for large areas, such as factories, warehouses, barns, and shopping malls.

HVLS fans cost

How much do HVLS fans cost? - RTFANS's Blog

In this post, you’ll find some general pricing guidelines and a few of the extra add-ons that you simply need to consider when determining the value of an outsized industrial ceiling fan.

HVLS Ceiling Fan Manufacturers

Top List of HVLS Ceiling Fan Manufacturers Worldwide in 2022

HVLS ceiling fans are now more common as they are the best source of ventilation in a large area. Many factories and companies use these fans to keep their workers happy, energetic, and healthy.

What are HVLS fans?

What are HVLS fans? - RTFANS's Blog

You might have heard a lot about HVLS fans, but what are HVLS fans? These fans are very common in large spaces. You will find them at shopping malls, factories, warehouses, restaurants, dairy barns, libraries, etc. 

Best Fans of GYMS

8 Best Fans of GYMS: Keep You Cool and Focused on Your Workouts!

Which fans are the best fans of gyms? Gyms need proper ventilation irrespective of the area; whether a home gym or a commercial one, it needs optimal ventilation.

Warehouse Ventilation

12 Tips for Improving Warehouse Ventilation in 2022

Optimal ventilation in warehouses is of utmost importance to ensure the good health of workers, improve air quality, and protect the stored items from mold and microorganisms.

position industrial HVLS fan

How to position industrial HVLS fan before installation?

How to position industrial HVLS fan before installation? Location is important for the installation of HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fans. Placing the right fan at the right place and height can not only ensure the maximum air volume