5 Advantages of Big Ceiling Fans Over Wall Mounted Fans

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Indeed, big ceiling fans over Wall Mounted are excellent for large areas. They are specially designed for the ventilation of large spaces such as shopping malls, restaurants, fitness centers, factories, warehouses, etc. But some people often get confused between big industrial ceiling fans and wall-mounted fans. Some people think that wall-mounted ceiling fans are better for large spaces. Therefore, it creates confusion, and people think a lot before choosing a fan type. Today, we are going to tell you 5 advantages of industrial ceiling fans over wall-mounted fans. This will clear all your confusion. Let’s start the discussion. From the indoor stadium to an open space training center, RTFANS offers much-needed air movement that keeps athletes and spectators comfortable.

The advantage of a big industrial ceiling fan is its large diameter. Usually, HVLS ceiling fans have a diameter in the range of 3.7m to 7.3m (12 ft-24 ft). RTFANS largest industrial ceiling fan is 7.3m (24ft). This is a very large diameter as compared to wall-mounted fans. They are usually 2-6ft in diameter. The large diameter of industrial ceiling fans allows them to cover a wide area. They can provide ventilation to an area of 1,500-1,800 square meters. They cover a wide through the well-aligned wind.

Big Ceiling Fans

In contrast, wall-mounted fans can cover a specific area only. You can adjust them in a certain direction for the airflow. The wind only reaches the people that are in front of the fan, which can also cause dizziness to the person after some time. While large industrial ceiling fans can cover a huge area as compared to wall-mounted fans. They are perfect for large spaces.

Assist HVAC System

This is also an important reason for selecting big industrial ceiling fans. They can assist your HVAC system in spreading the cool breeze in the whole area in a short time. When you run an HVAC system, it requires some time to spread the breeze in a large area. But ceiling fans can assist it and spread the air quickly. Moreover, you can use the HVAC system at a few degrees higher temperatures because the fans are working with the system. This reduces the cost of electricity. According to our tests, a 1˚C increase in temperature can save up to 20% of electricity. Due to the high airflow of the ceiling fans and the cool air of the HVAC system, the people in the area feel a cool breeze and are more comfortable. It is a perfect combination to cool a large area.

Air Quality

Large ceiling fans also improve the air quality of an area. They can reduce the humidity to some extent. The airflow of these fans is 6,000-13,000 cubic meters per minute, which is very high. Due to high airflow, the humidity of the area is reduced. If there is any smoke or odor in the area, these fans reduce their effect and improve air quality. Controlling humidity is an important thing because it keeps people comfortable in the area. Big industrial ceiling fans not only provide a breeze but also reduce the humidity. In contrast, wall-mounted ceiling fans or small ceiling fans cannot improve air quality like big industrial ceiling fans. They only have an airflow of around 300 cubic meters per minute, which is directed in a specific direction only.


Everyone thinks about the upfront cost and savings. Big industrial ceiling fans are cost-effective as they require less energy per unit area. For a certain large area, if you need 6 big industrial ceiling fans, then 300 wall-mounted fans will be required for the same area. Now you can understand that the total upfront cost of ceiling fans will be less. Not only the upfront cost but the total energy consumption will also be less. It will consume less energy so the electricity bill will be reduced. Therefore, industrial ceiling fans are energy-saving.

Long Life and Zero Maintenance

Industrial ceiling fans have a longer life as compared to wall-mounted fans. They can work for eight to ten years without any issues. They are made from industrial-grade durable materials. RTFANS also provides a 3-year warranty will all HVLS big ceiling fans. In contrast, wall-mounted fans have a life of 3-5 years. They are not as durable as heavy-duty ceiling fans. Large ceiling fans usually do not require maintenance.

Therefore, they are zero-maintenance ceiling fans. You save your money on maintenance. While wall-mounted fans require frequent maintenance, which increases your running cost. They need cleaning after a few months. Further, you need to repair them on failure.

Final Thought

We have discussed five advantages of big industrial ceiling fans over wall-mounted fans. There are more benefits as well, but these are the most important ones. There is no doubt that big industrial ceiling fans are better for a large area. They provide ventilation at a very low cost. You can save money and get good performance by installing these fans. Wall-mounted fans consume more energy; therefore, they are not suitable for large areas. Further, the perks that large ceiling fans provide, such as wide coverage area, high efficiency, and excellent air quality, are not available in wall-mounted fans.

To read more, please move to the link FAQs for HVLS fans.

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