5 Benefits of Using Big Commercial Fan for Church

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Commercial ceiling fans are also HVLS fans, but they are smaller than large industrial ceiling fans. But still, they are much bigger than residential ceiling fans. The size of RTFANS’s big commercial fan for the church ranges from 2.8 meters to 4 meters (8 ft-14 ft). They are suitable for those areas that are for the public and not big like factories and warehouses. The only condition to install these fans is the height of the roof.

The place should be at least 4.5 meters high. Large areas like churches, small libraries, and restaurants are suitable for big commercial fans. For a church, these fans can be very beneficial. There will be many benefits to using these fans as church fans. Let’s see some important advantages in detail.

Benefits of Commercial Ceiling Fans for the Church, as a church fan, big commercial ceiling fans are perfect. The benefits of using them in a church are:

1. No Noise/Silence

The best benefit of big commercial fans is their low noise. A church is a place where people gather for worship; therefore, there should be no disturbance. Any disturbance will irritate the people worshiping in the area. If your old ceiling church fan is producing a lot of noise, then it should be changed as soon as possible. The place should be calm and quiet. People come here to get spiritual calmness. Big commercial ceiling fans are very quiet; you won’t even recognize any kind of noise. The noise level is usually lower than 45 dB. RTFANS big commercial ceiling fans have a noise level in the range of 40-42dB, which is very quiet. The noise level of a quiet library is only 40dB; you can compare the noise of commercial ceiling fans with the noise of a library.

Commercial ceiling fans are large, but they are HVLS fans. HVLS fans run at a very low speed and provide a high volume of air. The low speed and special motor create a negligible noise, which is unnoticeable. The speed of RTFANS commercial ceiling fans is in the range of 0-100 RPM.

2. Excellent Ventilation

Commercial ceiling fans are excellent for ventilating a large area. Their large size allows them to cover a very wide area. RTFANS commercial ceiling fans are available in three sizes. The maximum space action of these fans ranges from 660-800 square meters. A single commercial fan can cover a large area, so it is excellent for a church. These fans help to ventilate the whole area. The airflow that they provide ranges from 4,500 to 8,000 cubic meters per minute. This airflow is excellent for providing fresh air to an area like a church. Therefore, a commercial ceiling fan is preferred for a church over a residential ceiling fan.

Due to excellent ventilation, the air quality of the area improves a lot. The people in the area feel better and pray with comfort. In churches, people are gathered in large quantities, so proper ventilation of the area is essential.

3. Energy Saving

If you think that large commercial ceiling fans will increase your energy bill a lot due to their big size, then you are wrong. There is no doubt that these fans are large, and they consume more energy than residential fans, but they cover a very large area. It means the energy consumption per unit area is very less as compared to residential ceiling fans. You will only need to install a few commercial ceiling fans, while there will be 4-5 times more fans required if you install residential ceiling fans. Thus, a commercial ceiling fan is good to be used as a church fan. It consumes less energy, which is excellent for a worship place.

In addition to that, these large fans can also help HVAC systems. You can increase the temperature a little bit and use these fans; these fans will cover the area effectively due to high airflow. Further, you can also turn off the HVAC system after using some time. In this way, HVLS commercial fans can reduce the energy consumption of HVAC systems.

4. Controlled Operation

HVLS commercial ceiling fans have an excellent controlling system. You can adjust the speed of the fan according to the temperature of the church. You can control the speed from 0-100 RPM; therefore, you can adjust them according to your needs. There are usually controllers with the fan that can help to control the speed of the fan.

Further, some fans also have a remote control that can be used to control the fan. Due to controlled speed, you can use these fans at such a temperature when there is no need for an HVAC system. These are perfect for such temperatures and can reduce energy bills.

5. Durable and Long Operation

Durability and long operation are important features for everything in a religious place, whether it be a church fan or an HVAC system. Everything should be of high quality to ensure a long life. Commercial ceiling fans are designed according to commercial places. They are suitable for a church or any commercial area. They have high-quality components and materials. The motor in these fans is special, which can last for years and require less maintenance. RTFANS commercial fans use the BLDC motor that is according to the requirements of commercial locations. The chassis and blades are made of special alloys to offer extra strength.

Commercial ceiling fans can last longer than residential fans. Their average life is around 8-10 years. Further, they also have a warranty period. RTFANS ceiling fans have a warranty of 3 years. Residential fans are not for commercial places; therefore, they wear quickly. In contrast, commercial ceiling fans have a long life. Thus, a church fan should be a commercial ceiling fan.


A church is a large area where people gather for worship. Therefore, proper ventilation is necessary. Commercial ceiling fans are excellent for churches. They can cover a large area easily. They are for commercial areas; therefore, they can last long. There are many benefits that you get from commercial fans in churches, but we have discussed some important benefits. We have explained everything, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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