8 Facts You Need To Know About Large Ceiling Fans For Warehouses.

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Large industrial ceiling fans are essential for large areas, especially for warehouses. Common ceiling fans that we use at home are not enough such places. Therefore, warehouses, factories, shopping malls, and other large spaces use large ceiling fans. They are much more cost-effective and excellent for good air quality. The air quality of an area depends on temperature, humidity, and some other factors. These factors can easily be controlled by cheap HVLS ceiling fans. There is no doubt that HVLS fans’ prices are much lower than HVAC systems and other types of fans. They are better in every manner. We are going to list some factors that you need to know about large ceiling fans for warehouses.

Facts About Large Ceiling Fans for Warehouses

There are a few facts that you need to know if you are unaware of large industrial ceiling fans or if you are going to buy one.

1. Size of Ceiling Fans for Warehouses.

The first thing that you should know about big industrial ceiling fans is their size. You need to make sure whether your area is suitable for a large fan or not. RTFANS cheap HVLS ceiling fans are ideal for all areas that have a height of 4 meters or above. You can install them in a large space to cover a wide area with a widespread and aligned breeze.

As far as the size of the industrial ceiling fans is concerned, these large fans can have a diameter in the range of 3.7 to 7.3 meters (12ft-24ft). You can select the size of these fans according to the size of your warehouse. But it is not that easy to calculate how many fans you need, so it is better to contact experts or the supplier. You can contact RTFANS if you want to know how many fans you need and what size will be better for your area.

Due to the large diameter, these fans can easily cover a vast area. If you want to make the ventilation better, then these fans are excellent for that. A single 7.3m large industrial fan can cover around 1800 square meters. Now you can imagine how powerful these fans are, and they can be excellent for ventilation. HVLS fan prices mainly depend on the size of the fan.

2. Long Life

We always care about the long life of a product before we purchase anything because we spend money on it. The same is the case with large ceiling fans for warehouses. Industrial ceiling fans have more life as compared to other types of ceiling fans. They can work for up to 10 years without any problem. The fans are made of industrial-grade material. Everything in the fan, including bolts, is made according to industrial standards. The fan blade and chassis are also made from special alloys. These things provide durability and minimum wear and tear. Therefore, they can work for years.

They are usually maintenance-free, while some need lubricating oil after a few years. Further, these fans have a warranty. RTFANS also provides a 3-year warranty for all kinds of HVLS fans.

​​3. Low Noise

Some people usually think that large HVLS fans produce a lot of noise due to their large size. There is no doubt that HVLS fans are huge in size, but this does not mean they produce a loud noise. They run at a very low speed as compared to small ceiling fans. The rpm range decreases as the fan size increases. For example, the rpm range of an RTFANS 3.7m ceiling fan is 0-80 rpm, while the rpm range for a 7.3m large fan is only 0-53 rpm. In contrast, household ceiling fans can work with a speed of 300-400 rpm. So, the speed of HVLS fans is very low compared to small ceiling fans. Due to their low speed and well-lubricated mechanism, these fans produce little noise, sometimes even lower than household ceiling fans.

Despite the large size, HVLS fans are very quiet. You can easily use such large ceiling fans for warehouses. They will not disturb the people working in the area. Moreover, you don't need any kind of hearing protection while using them. The noise level of most HVLS fans is below 50 dB. RTFANS industrial ceiling fans have a noise level below 43 dB. Therefore, they are very quiet.

4. Cost-Effective

Choosing large ceiling fans for warehouses is a cost-effective solution. You might think that a single industrial ceiling fan costs a lot. Indeed, the upfront cost of these fans is high, but the main cost is the running cost. Because you give upfront costs at the time of purchase, so even if it is high, it does not impact a lot. While the running cost is what you pay every month in terms of electricity bills. If the electricity bills or running cost is lower, then it would be more cost-effective. In the case of HVLS fans, the running cost is much lower than small ceiling fans. The reason is very simple; you will only need a few fans to cover a large area. In contrast, you need a few hundred small ceiling fans to cover the same area.

Due to a smaller number of large ceiling fans, the running cost is very low. You will get less electricity bill every month. Hence, large ceiling fans for warehouses are cost-effective.

5. Installation

The installation of large ceiling fans is not easy. It is not DIY work that you can do on your own. The first thing is that warehouses are usually very high. The ceiling is way higher than your house. So, it is not easy to reach there and install the fan easily. Further, the size of the fan is quite large, which makes the installation a little more difficult. You need to handle the heavy blades and chassis of the fan. The fans are also supported through steel cables and installed in a perfect manner to provide good performance. The level of the fan matters a lot, and you need to take care of it. If the fan is not installed correctly, then it will wear before the estimated time. So, you need to be careful. All these things require expertise and training. Therefore, you need to take help from experts. Mostly the company installs its fans in the area, but if not, then you can take help from other professionals.

6. Speed Control

HVLS fans also have a speed control feature. You can easily control the fans according to the environment and temperature. The speed limit of the fan depends on the type of fan. Usually, large fans have a speed in the range of 0-80 rpm, depending on the size. As the size increases, the rpm range decreases. Since HVLS fans are High-Volume, Low-Speed fans, so they can provide a very high airflow while running at a low speed. They don’t need to run fast. You can control the speed using the control panel. Moreover, you can also control some fans with the remote.

RTFANS all large ceiling fans come with a controller. The controller contains a frequency converter. There is a step-less regulator that allows you to control the speed and set the desired one.

7. Energy Saving

To control the temperature of a large area in summer, the owners use HVAC systems. There is no doubt that HVAC systems are good for controlling the temperature, but the running cost is too high. The energy consumption of an HVAC system depends on the temperature as well. At higher temperature settings, it will consume less energy as compared to lower temperature settings. If the set temperature and the ambient temperature have a large difference, then the consumption would be high. You can use big ceiling fans for warehouses if you want to lower the running cost of the HVAC system.

The HVLS fans will spread the air quickly and provide a cool breeze, so you will be able to run the HVAC system for less time and at a little higher temperature. It saves a lot of energy. In some seasons, you don't need to use HVAC systems because the temperature is normal. So, you can use HVLS fans in such seasons and save energy.

8. Prices

The HVLS fan's prices are a lot more than a normal ceiling fan. But we told you that it is the upfront cost and the running cost is low. So, it is worth every penny. The HVLS fan’s prices depend on the size, quality, number of blades, motor, and all the accessories. The price ranges from $1200 to $3000. You can get a discount if you order in bulk.

RTFANS have different sizes of high-quality cheap HVLS ceiling fans. You can contact us for more information about the quote.


Indeed, big ceiling fans are excellent for warehouses. If you want to ventilate a large area, then these fans are the best. We have explained some of the facts, including HVLS fans’ prices. You need to know these facts before you buy fans. This will give you an idea of cheap HVLS ceiling fans. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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