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As a high-efficiency, energy-saving, green, and environmentally friendly ventilation and cooling product, RTFANS evaporative air coolers have been widely used in various industries such as automobiles and parts industries, injection molding, molds, rubber, metal processing, packaging, clothing, etc., as well as shoe materials, textile industries, Cooling of CNC machining, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, and other public places, outdoor activities.

At present, the mainstream air coolers on the market are 1.1Kw and 1.5Kw motors, with a maximum air volume of 18,000-25,000m³/h. The control system mainly adopts single-unit control, and the cooling coverage of each unit ranges from 100 to 200 square meters. In large and medium-sized project installations, the number of evaporative air coolers used ranges from dozens to hundreds. A large number of products, with each unit equipped with about 10 different electrical parts, are easy to get lots of problems as the following: 

1.    Operational issues: Workers need to walk up to each machine to turn it on/off when starting and stopping work.

air cooler control system

2. Management issue: With dozens or even hundreds of coolers, without a specified person to handle them, improper operation will cause air cooler failure if the worker is not trained. Moreover, the controller is exposed outside which is easy to be damaged. 

air cooler control system

3. Potential risks: If workers forget to turn off the air cooler after getting off work, it will not only waste energy but also have other potential risks such as water leakage and fire.

air cooler control system

In response to the above problems, RTFANS has developed a centralized control system. This product is a multi-line control system integrating one host and 32 extensions. It realizes single-machine control, partition control, and full control through the touch screen of the host. RS485 standard communication is adopted between master and slave. Support external temperature and humidity sensors to realize intelligent temperature and humidity control, suitable for large factories, warehouses, and other large spaces for easier operation.

With the RTFANS air cooler Modbus centralized control system, your following problems can be well solved.

1. Operation problem: The worker only needs to control the units in all areas on the host screen. 

air cooler control system

2. Management issues: The air cooler centralized control system needs to be charged by a specified person, it helps to know the operation conditions of all air coolers and perform regular maintenance, which can not only improve the ventilation and cooling effect of the air coolers but also greatly increase the service life of the product.

air cooler control system

3. Potential risks: Eliminate potential risks, making the working environment safer and more reliable.

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