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HVLS fans are large ceiling fans that are installed in large spaces to achieve better ventilation in the area. Small residential fans that are commonly used in homes are not suitable for large areas, such as factories, warehouses, barns, and shopping malls.

In this article, we will have a look at the principle and how this fan can cool a large space. We will also discuss why it is a better choice for large areas. Let’s start the discussion.

What is an HVLS Fan?

Before we dive into the details and the working of the fan, we would like to introduce this type of fan. The term HVLS stands for High Volume Low Speed. It is named like this because these fans run at a very low speed; however, they offer a high volume of air.

These fans have large diameters of up to 7 meters, and they move in a specific manner at a low speed and cool down a huge area without making noise and trouble. These fans are considered the most effective large ceiling fans for commercial as well as industrial purposes. Mostly, they are appreciated to use for industrial purposes where the atmosphere needs to be very comfortable and productive.

They are very effective and look unique because of their physical outline. HVLS Fans have long blades as compared to normal ceiling fans, which makes these fans more efficient. Through the long blades, this fan gradually cools an enormous area.

Cool a large space

How can it Cool a Large Space?

Let’s discuss how this fan can ventilate and fresh a large region. To understand the unique work it does, we have to discuss the details related to its design and working principle.

Working Principle

Like ordinary fans, the HVLS fans also convert electrical energy into kinetic energy. These large fans move slowly to supply power and create a big horizontal streamlined flow of cool air in the downward direction.

These fans move slowly, and their large blades drag the air in a downward direction. The cool airflow is created as it moves in a circular path and creates a very high airflow. The airflow of these fans can be up to 14,000 cubic meters per minute. Due to this airflow, it can easily cover a very large area of 1,800 square meters. The reason why it cools a large area is the high airflow that it offers. It can cool up the area up to 15°F.

The flow and streamlining of the air depend upon the diameter of the fan. The larger the fan’s diameter, the larger the airflow will be. The cool air moves in the whole area and makes the people comfortable. Due to high airflow, it accelerates the sweat evaporation process. Therefore, people in the area feel a chill effect of 5-8°C. It has the potential to reduce the humidity of the area by up to 15%. Thus, it can provide a comfortable area to work.


Physically these fans are different from the others because of their size and diameter. The HVLS fan’s diameter ranges from 6 to 24 feet, and this is what makes it more efficient as compared to normal fans.

The effective cooling of large regions does not only depend upon the airflow. It also depends upon the shape of the fan’s blades. The fan blades are quite large, and they have a special shape; they are airfoil blades. Because of the shape of the blade and size, the fan is able to push a high volume of air.

Another important thing in HVLS fans is the number of blades. Usually, there are six to eight blades, which is twice the number of blades in residential or normal ceiling fans. The number of blades also affects the airflow. At RTFANS, we have studied the effects of the number of blades in HVLS fans. In our research, we have found that six or five blades work the best. Therefore, we have six or five blades in all models.

Moreover, the fan has a special motor that runs these blades at a low speed. The blades can easily gather air and push at the bottom, even at a low speed. Thus, it has no issue in covering a large area.

Why do people use an HVLS Fan?

There are so many reasons why people prefer these large ceiling fans instead of smaller fans.

HVLS fans are used for industrial as well as commercial purposes. Commercial HVLS Fans are considered good to use in warehouses, churches, and distribution centers to reduce air dirt, fumes, and heat stress. These fans help the workers to concentrate on their work and enhance the quality of production. The commercial places like the shopping mall, schools, fitness centers, offices, and buildings where a cool environment becomes necessary to survive comfortably, these fans work to move a large amount of air for fresh and cool air.

Here, we are going to discuss some major reasons why these fans attract public attention and compel them to use them in commercial and industrial spaces.

1) One fan instead of many:

This is a very major point that forces the public to install these large fans to enjoy the trouble-free cool atmosphere. A single HVLS Fan can replace many small casual ceiling fans.

There is only one fan needed to cover a large area of up to 1,800 square meters. Thus, there are fewer fans needed for the area. This will reduce the initial buying cost of fans. You only need a few fans, depending on the area. Moreover, the running cost or you can say the electricity and maintenance cost will be much lower.

Cool a large space

2) Low energy consumption:

These fans are also considered the most effective way to cool large stores and areas because of energy saving.

We have already discussed you need only one fan to cover a large area. These fans usually have a 1-2 HP motor, depending on the size of the fan. Thus, there is only one motor that consumes electricity. In contrast, if you install wall-mounted fans, you will have to install almost 50 wall-mounted fans instead of one HVLS industrial ceiling fan. If you go with a ceiling fan, you will have to install more than the number of wall-mounted fans, and each fan will be about 75 watts. Ultimately, there will be massive consumption of electricity.

In simple words, HVLS fans are a lot cheaper in the running cost. You can save a lot of money in the long run. Thus, you must install a few fans instead of many and enjoy the benefits of saving.

3) Increase Productivity:

The HVLS fans work peacefully and slowly provide soft cooling sensations. They are considered comfortable because these fans do not make noise as the other fans do. The whole environment remains smooth while these fans move to circulate the air.

When HVLS fans provide a high volume of air, the evaporation rate of sweat increases. The sweat of workers evaporates quickly, and they feel better in the area. The cooling sensation keeps them comfortable. Moreover, the air is ventilated, and the humidity is lowered. Because of humidity, it is difficult to work in an area so HVLS fans can be very helpful in such cases. It provides a safe and dry environment, so it increases productivity and maintains human health.

Cool a large space
4) Prevents the damage:

The facility designed with an HVLS system prevents the problems created by the condensation process. The moisture can destroy heavy and large pieces of equipment. Paper packaging and production can also be affected because of atmospheric moisture. A system designed with HVLS fans can overcome all these problems by keeping the air cool and dry. It also keeps the floor dry and allows the employees and workers to move safely. Without the facility of HVLS, you can face the rusting and corrosion of heavy machinery available in the hall.

In barns, it is difficult to maintain fresh air and allow the crops to remain dry. HVLS fans can solve this problem. They can prevent molds and microorganisms.

5) Safe for health:

For commercial use, HVLS Fans also work for the safety of human health. The suffocated and dirty air can lead to many respiratory problems. In the dysfunctional and productive units of the factories and mills, the HVLS fan helps to clear the dirt, fumes, and many more things from the air, thus reducing the risk of SBS (Sick Building Syndrome). It refreshes the air by providing fresh air from the environment. It is quite helpful in barns and other large areas.

Another important thing about HVLS fans is the low noise. These fans are very quiet compared to normal fans. They only produce a little noise that falls in the range of 43-46 DBS. Thus, these do not contribute to the noise pollution in the area and can provide a quiet environment where workers can work in comfort.

Cool a large space

Final Words

HVLS fans are specially designed to cool large spaces. Their special design helps to cool a large area at a very low cost. The fans are perfect for warehouses, factories, shopping malls, restaurants, or any other commercial or industrial space. It will make the area more comfortable for the workers and increase productivity.

RTFANS is a leading manufacturer of HVLS fans in China. We have every range of commercial and industrial ceiling fans. For more information and details, feel free to contact us.

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