Is HVLS fan safe?

Why RTFANS Large Industrial HVLS Fan is Safe? Many people come across this question, “Is HVLS fan safe?” People and new businessmen don't know much about it, and they get confused with the big size of Industrial HVLS fans. Most people think that an Industrial HVLS fan can be dangerous due to its large size. But we are going to clear all your confusion and misconception. The short answer to the question is “YES”. We understand that this short answer will not satisfy you; therefore, we will discuss how and why the RTFANS Big Industrial HVLS fan is safe.

We understand safety concerns; therefore, we make our fans safe for our customers. We take all kinds of safety measures and use the best material to ensure safety and durability. To tell you about the safe operation of our industrial HVLS fan, we will discuss the following things.

  1. Safety Measures by RTFANS

  2. RTFANS Durable and Stable Fan Parts

  3. RTFANS Certification

Let's see the safety measures we take to make our product safe and sound.

1. Safety Measures by RTFANS

There are some safety measures that we take to ensure the safety of our customers. Let's discuss them in detail.

Reduction of Vibration

Vibration is one of the significant problems in a local industrial HVLS fan, and it can be dangerous. It can weaken the support as well. At RTFANS, we take care of this problem and have an excellent solution to reduce the vibration. We use Cardan Joints in our fans to give them maximum support and reduce the vibration during operation. These joints are like human joints that provide enough support to the fans. This helps the fan be stable during its operation. Our joints eliminate all kinds of risks that are associated with vibration.

Prevention of Waggling

Waggling is the unwanted movement of the fan to its sides. Local industrial HVSL fans have no control over waggling; therefore, they are risky. But our big industrial HVLS fan is free from any waggling. We use four steel cables to keep the fan's motor in its place and make it sable. Therefore, the fan remains in place during the operation. The weight of our large industrial fan is in the range of 70-100KG, but our steel cable can sustain the stress of 1,000 KG, and we use four cables. Therefore, these four cables can sustain a total stress of 4,000 KG. These high-quality steel cables eliminate any waggling and provide support to the fan as well.

Stabilization of Blades

There is a probability of falling off one fan blade if you use a non-certified local HVLS fan. At RTFANS, we eliminate this risk as well. We use safety locks that connect one blade to another blade. This safety lock keeps the fan safe and the blade in its place. It provides more strength and stability to all blades. We use six safety locks to connect all the six RTFANS big industrial HVLS fan blades.

Use of Durable Fasteners

Everything is tightened with the help of fasteners. If the fasteners are not durable, then safety is meaningless. Fasteners are the most important thing that keeps the parts in place. Since an industrial HVLS fan is large and moves with RPM in the range of 50-80; therefore, the fasteners should be durable to sustain the stress during operation. We use industrial level 8.8 grade fasteners to ensure durability and safety. These fasteners are durable, and they are specially made for industrial purposes.

The noise of the Fan

You might think that a big industrial HVLS fan has a high noise level, but it is not valid for RTFANS products. Our all industrial HVLS fans have very low noise. The noise level is only 36 dBA. The noise level of a library is 40 dBA. Now you can compare the noise of our fan with the noise of a silent library. Our fans are reticent. They will not disturb you at all.

2. RTFANS Durable and Stable Fan Parts

The parts of the fan make it durable and robust. It can be dangerous if the fan blade is not strong enough or made from untested material. RTFANS uses durable materials to make every part of the fan. Let’s look at the durability of the main parts of the fan.


The chassis is the housing or frame of the fan. The fan blades are also attached to the chassis. We have an innovative double chassis design that is two times more durable and stronger. We use the imported aeronautic alloy (AA7075), which frees the fan from many risks. This alloy is strong enough to bear the weight of the whole fan. A 1,000T machine forges these alloys with 570Mpa extension strength to provide strength.

Fan Blade

Fan blades are the moving parts of a fan; therefore, their strength is the primary concern. We use high-strength aircraft aluminum alloy to make our large industrial HVLS fan blades. The alloy has enough strength to work with fans without any risk, it will not break or wear. Our blade design is also patented with a reinforcing rib support system for added strength and flexibility.

Electrical Control and Safety Equipment

We provide excellent quality Denmark “DANFOSS” Holip frequency converters and German “Schneider” electrical sets. These are well-known companies with outstanding products. Our step-less regulator also has malfunction protection to avoid any problems. Moreover, there is an IP55 protection level and NEMA1 standard controlling box. Both are international standards that ensure safety.

3. RTFANS Certification

We consider safety as the main concern. We check everything and test it before delivering it to customers. RTFANS is ISO9001 and ISO4001 certified company. Our company goes through all standard procedures to make the industrial HVLS fan. Our products are RoHS and CE certified.


Now you have a clear idea of the safety of RTFANS large industrial HVLS fans. We take all the safety measures, use standard materials, and follow international standards. Safety is the priority. We never compromise on it. All our products are tested before they are sold to customers. We make sure everything is perfect. Moreover, we also offer a 3-year warranty with our large industrial HVLS fans. We have tried to answer your question in detail, and we hope it has cleared up all your confusion.

You are welcome to ask if you still have any queries or questions. Feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to answer your questions.

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