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The 126th Canton Fair Import and Export Fair 2019 has committed another extraordinarily winning event in Guangzhou, China. Happening between Oct 14 and Nov 4, the pavilion welcomes 642 exhibitors and 100,000 patrons from 38 countries and regions.

Push international trade

The pavilion connects exhibitors and patrons worldwide to push international trade. Growing demand in the food trade, this season’s event featured a worldwide Food and Drink Show and exhibition areas for the first industrial field like home appliances, artifacts, health, and medicine.

The 126th Canton Fair

With a strict choice of exhibitors and qualification review of attendees, the honest thought for providing precise trade matching and high conclusion rate of business deals. In addition to the broad spectrum of the product shown by the exhibitors, Canton fair truthful offers an associate degree abundance of face-to-face networking opportunities that facilitate initial flip introductions into long-run business relationships during an interactive setting. The grand event provides a unique chance for patrons to go with firms across the whole offer chain.

The 126th Canton Fair

Since its institution in 1957, Canton has nurtured a gaggle of loyal patrons. Do not miss your likelihood to launch a new product, increase whole recognition, showcase the latest technologies and innovations, and build new connections.

1. Products brands

More than 385 exhibitors hailed from nations and regions at the side of China’s Belt and Road initiative, fogbound new exhibitors from Bosna – Herzegovina, the EU, and Asia. Existing exhibitors — like “Honeywell ceiling fans” sale from the U.S.; “Symphony air cooler”, a degree Indian evaporative air cooler company; and “RTFANS HVLS fans“, an industry leader in evaporative cooling technology — inflated their presence at the pavilion, citing it as an essential world commercialism platform.

The 126th Canton Fair

2. High Level of Humidity

RTFANS has a fruitful exhibition at the 126th Canton Fair on 15-19 Oct 2019. We are meeting old and new friends who work in the vast industrial & commerical HVLS fans field from all over the world.

We showed our new product – a commercial HVLS fan. It’s a perfect fan for a 4-6 meter high area, with airflow of 4,500-8,000m³/m. It covers 600-800 square meters with one single unit. More and more people know HVLS fans, understand HVLS fans, and use the HVLS fan; it will be the best commercial ceiling fan in 2019.

It will be a perfect fan who used for the restaurant & school & hotel lobby & gym & home. RTFANS HVLS fan provides perfect solutions for large space ventilation and cooling.

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