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Warehouses are large, and it is difficult to cope with cooling problems using ordinary small or exhaust fans. There should be large industrial ceiling fans. You need to deal with the problems to keep the workers and people happy, energetic, and safe. There are comfort standards, such as ANSI/ASHRAE 55, EN 15251, and ISO 7730, and every organization should follow them. Thermal comfort depends on six factors: Air Temperature, Radiant Temperature, Air Velocity, Humidity, Clothing Insulation, and Work Rate. I related the first four factors to the environment.

You need to care about them to provide comfort to the people in the area. Further, to get international certifications, you need to care about the comfort of the employees. So, we are going to address the top 6 warehouse cooling problems and their solutions.

Warehouse Problems Cooling Problems with Solutions

1. Low Air Velocity

You might have seen this problem in many warehouses. The air velocity of the warehouse affects the comfort of people in the area. Air velocity is one factor of thermal comfort. If the air velocity of the area is not according to the comfortable limit, then it can cause discomfort.

If the air velocity is low, like in summer, then there will be a lack of ventilation in the area. Low ventilation can be a cause of allergens and the spreading of diseases. It is necessary to control and have excellent airflow in the summer. The solution to this problem is large industrial ceiling fans. Huge industrial ceiling fans have a very high airflow that can create high-velocity air inside the area. This will help to keep the air fresh and healthy.

Warehouse Problems Cooling

2. High Level of Humidity

There can be a high level of humidity in the area which can create uneasiness. The people in the area will feel uncomfortable. During humid or rainy days, this problem becomes worse, and it increases the level of humidity a lot. It is often hard to breathe in such an environment. It can also cause various health problems. According to thermal comfort standards, the range of relative humidity should be 40% to 70%. If the relative value of the humidity lies in the range, then it is comfortable. Otherwise, you will need to spend on dehumidifiers or large warehouse ceiling fans.

Large warehouse fans, or HVLS fans, can also reduce the humidity of the area. They can do dehumidification up to 15%. So, such fans can also work as a dehumidifier to make the environment comfortable for the people.

3. Air Temperature

Temperature can also create discomfort for workers. If the temperature is higher or lower than the comfortable range, then it can negatively affect productivity and efficiency. If the temperature is too low, then it can make people feel cold, and if the temperature is too high, then people will sweat a lot. So, the temperature can affect the work of people in both extreme cases.

To deal with high temperatures, there are air conditioning units in the warehouses. These units can lower the temperature, but the cost is very high. You can reduce the cost of the air conditioning units by increasing the temperature to a few degrees and using quiet warehouse fans with that. The fans will spread air in the area quickly and reduce the bill. So, it is better to use fans with your air conditioning units. If the temperature is not too high and you don't need an air conditioning system, then you can use fans for air circulation.

Warehouse Problems Cooling

4. Air Distribution

When you use the air conditioning system, you need to wait to decrease the temperature of the entire area. It requires time. But if you use large warehouse ventilation fans, then they can distribute the air quickly. Further, without the fans, air will not reach the corners of the area. But these fans have high airflow, and they send well-aligned air to the entire area. So, everyone in the area will feel the airflow and air velocity.

5. Cooler Ground Surface

Stratification occurs in the atmosphere, which divides the atmosphere into layers. The top layer is higher in temperature, but the lowest layer has the lowest temperature. The lowest layer is present near the ground. This process can be problematic in the winter because the people near the ground surface will feel cold.

The solution to this problem is also HVLS fans because you can use these fans to pull the air at the top layer and mix all the layers. This creates a similar temperature in the total area. You might think about whether you can use large industrial ceiling fans in winter or not. The answer is ‘YES’ because you can easily do desertification, but you need to run the fan at a low speed. HVLS fan can work in all seasons, you need to control the speed of the fan.

Warehouse Problems Cooling

6. Sweating

Sweating is a common problem in high temperatures and on humid days. The people in the warehouse sweat a lot if there is no proper ventilation, high airflow, and air conditioning system. It can adversely affect productivity. Large industrial ceiling fans are excellent for addressing this problem. When there is high airflow, the people in the area feel a chilling effect. When the sweat evaporates at a high rate because of high airflow, the body feels cooler. It can create a chilling effect by lowering the temperature to 5-8˚C. People in the area feel fresh and dry.

We told you about some of the biggest warehouse problems. These problems can negatively affect productivity and the entire business. So, you need to address these issues and keep your employees healthy and happy. We have also told you the solution to these problems as well. Big industrial ceiling fans are excellent, and they can solve almost all the discussed problems.

RTFANS can provide excellent HVLS large warehouse ceiling fans that can do desertification, dehumidification, ventilation, and all at a reasonable running cost. We have all sizes of industrial and commercial ceiling fans according to different spaces. For more information, contact us. We can provide our huge industrial and commercial ceiling fans in India, Australia, China, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and some other countries.

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