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Large PMSM fans are very beneficial and essential for large and small spaces. They provide healthy and fresh air in the area. Many factories, shopping malls, farms, and libraries use large commercial fans; therefore, they are in demand. You can also get an HVLS fan for a small space. There are different sizes available for different places. Manufacturers are trying new and more advanced technologies. PMSM fan is also a new technology that is still improving. It has its advantages and disadvantages. So, we will discuss all the disadvantages of this new technology. But before getting into the disadvantages, we would like to discuss PMSM fans.

What are PMSM fans?

PMSM fans are large commercial and industrial ceiling fans that use the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor. In comparison, old technologies include BLDC and Induction motors. PMSM is a special type of synchronous motor that has a permanent magnet in it. A conventional synchronous motor requires an AC supply on its stator winding and a DC supply for the excitation. But the PMSM requires only AC because permanent magnets do the work of DC supply. Therefore, PMSM is easy to use as compared to conventional synchronous motors. You don’t need an extra DC power source for it. The AC supply is provided on the stator, and the permanent magnets are on the rotor.

PMSM motors have several advantages over other motors. They have high speed at a low noise level. The heat transfer is also better, and the cooling system is simple. They do not require maintenance at all; there is no need for lubrication or any other maintenance work. These can also be installed in smaller places; thus, they are suitable for both industrial and commercial applications. A PMSM fan is an excellent fan for a small space. These are the reasons that PMSM fans are getting more attention. RTFANS make PMSM fans; the fans are available in different sizes. The sizes range from 7.3m (24ft) to 3.7m (12ft). These fans can cover a large area of up to 1,800 cubic meters. The power of the motor is around 1.2-1.5kW, depending on the size. These are noiseless fans, and we are still trying to improve them. Our researchers and teams are testing the fan according to international standards.

Disadvantages of PMSM Fans

PMSM fans have some disadvantages because they are in the initial phase. Let’s discuss the disadvantages.

1. Cost

The first disadvantage of PMSM fans is the cost. They are much more costly as compared to other types of large commercial and industrial fans. As we know, PMSM requires permanent magnets, and their performance is also based on the quality of the magnet. If you are using high-quality magnets, then the fans will perform excellently. The material of the magnet should have excellent flux density and magnetize easily. The magnets with the desired features are rare and expensive. Researchers select the best material and try it to get the best performance. The materials that can be used as magnets are Neodymium Iron Boride (NdFeB) and Samarium Cobalt (SmCo). These have excellent flux density, but they are costly.

Researchers are still finding the best and most cost-effective material for making a permanent magnet. But for now, these fans are costly due to the use of rare-earth magnets. We hope these will be cost-friendly and much better than other HVLS fans in the future.

2. Irreversible Demagnetization

This is a problem in PMSM. These motors use permanent magnets, and everything depends on the magnetization of the magnets. Due to any problem in magnetization, the fan will not perform well or stop. These motors undergo irreversible magnetization due to changes in temperature. At extreme low and high temperatures, the magnets are irreversibly demagnetized. Extreme temperature can be one cause, but irreversible demagnetization can also occur due to an external magnetic field. Although an external magnetic field is rare, it can affect the motor if it is present. The fan should operate in normal conditions without any problem.

Due to irreversible demagnetization, the performance degrades. It even becomes unstable in some cases. This problem is still a research topic, and researchers are trying to overcome it. RTFANS are trying to overcome it through research and constant work.

3. Demagnetization Due to Ageing

Demagnetization also occurs due to aging. If you are not using the recommended material for magnets, then it will soon demagnetize due to aging. Otherwise, high-quality, expensive magnets work for a long time, but they are also prone to this problem.

4. Complex Control

Controlling a PMSM is not as easy as with other motors. It requires a complex controlling system. Two methods of controlling a motor are controlling the armature current and the field current. There is only one source in PMSM, which is the AC supply on the stator. While the rotor does not have any supply, so you cannot easily control the speed using the rotor. The only way to control the motor is by controlling the AC supply on the stator. This needs a complex control system, including power electronics and microcontrollers. It is possible to control the motor, but it is not simple. Moreover, it is expensive as well. These motors cannot be effectively controlled by conventional Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) and old control methods such as PID and adaptive control. Now, the latest methods, such as vector control techniques, are used to control PMSM.


PMSM HVLS fan is equally beneficial for small and large spaces. These fans have many benefits; therefore, they catch attention. Manufacturers and enthusiasts are researching it, and it will improve in the future. There are some disadvantages of PMSM fans, and we have discussed them in detail. The main thing is the cost, which will indeed reduce after finding a suitable magnet of low cost. At RTFANS, we are testing this new technology to bring the best final PMSM fan for small and large spaces. Our teams are still researching and trying to make it better and better. We hope we will be able to overcome all the existing problems soon.

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