Regular air changes in stables, warehouses, farms, barns, or different agricultural structures are typical for achieving the most efficient prerequisites for people, animals, and preserved products.

In some cases, huge ceiling fans and evaporative air coolers have to deal with the toughest environmental conditions. In addition to reliability and its associated long-term durability, cost and energy saving is one of the main concerns for RTFANS products.

Air Coolers Featurers
25,000CMH Air Cooler (Axis-flow)
Evaporative Cooling Originated in an Ancient Idea
Industrial Exhaust Fan
Industrial Exhaust Fan at Best Price in CHINA
Best-rated Evaporative Air Cooler RTF-25BL
Air Coolers Featurers
Wall Mounted Evaporative Air Cooler RTF-30 Series
Air Coolers Featurers
Industrial Evaporative Air Cooler RTF-20 series
Air Coolers Featurers
20,000CMH Air Cooler
Cooling Pad System
Evaporative Cooling Pad 7090
Honeycomb Cooling Pad 7090
Evaporative Cooling Pad 5090
Honeycomb Cooling Pad 5090