We provide one-stop ventilation and cooling solutions including various accessories for ventilation and cooling, and all parts of our HVLS fan and air cooler products.

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Accessories for Customers

We provide one-stop ventilation and cooling solutions, so in addition to HVLS Fans and Air Cooler, we also customize various accessories for customers.

You can find the main components needed to install the evaporative air cooler project here.

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Accesories KA Air Pipe 01

Duct Elbow

RTFANS pipe elbows can be fully adjusted from straight to 90 degrees and are made of the best quality galvanized steel. They are very suitable for bypassing narrow corners and maintaining the most unobstructed airflow to achieve maximum duct system efficiency. Different shapes and sizes can be customized.

Accesories KA Air Pipe 02

Galvanized Duct

Galvanized air ducts are used to disperse cooled air from evaporative air cooler. compared with the standard rectangular air duct, its production speed is faster and more convenient, the air leakage rate is lower. different shape and size can be customized.

Accesories KA Air Nozzle 02

Auto Swing Nozzle

Air diffuser with auto swing system, can be customized with different size.

Accesories KA Air Nozzle 03

Manual Swing Nozzle

Manual swing nozzle for evaporative air coolers, can be customized with different size.

Accesories KA Air Nozzle 04

Auto Swing Nozzle With Two Window Outlets

Air diffuser with auto swing system and two window outlets.

Evaporative Coolers Featurers 005

Cooling Pad

The evaporative cooling pad is made of cellulose paper that has undergone special processing and chemical treatment to prevent deterioration. The cross groove design of 5090 and 7090 can promote the beneficial mixing of air and water to achieve the best cooling effect.

Evaporative Coolers Featurers 007

Fan Blade

Fan blade is the key components of air coolers, it provide maximum air flow with minimum noise level. Special replacement parts for air coolers, knife-shaped cutting airflow streamline design, can agitate the air faster, its own strong design ensures a longer service life of the fan blade.

water pump 1

Water Pump

The hydraulic transmission components of the air cooler are corrosion-resistant, highly efficient, and have a continuous working life of 30,000 hours.

Evaporative Coolers Featurers 002

Fan Motor

The core accessories of the air cooler adopt high-quality fully enclosed pure copper core motors, which have the characteristics of good heat dissipation, high protection level, stable temperature rise, and low energy consumption.