Evaporative Cooling Pad

RTFANS high-quality cooling pad also does not contain chemical substances such as phenol that are easy to cause skin allergies. It is non-toxic and harmless to the human body when installed and used. It is green, safe, energy-saving, efficient evaporation, eco-friendly and economical.

Features of Evaporative Cooling Pad

RTFANS high-quality evaporative cooling pad is made of a new generation of polymer materials and spatial cross-linking technology, which has the advantages of high water absorption, high water resistance, mildew resistance, and long service life. The evaporation is larger than the surface, and the cooling efficiency is over 80%. It does not contain surfactants, naturally absorbs water, has a fast diffusion rate, and has a long-lasting effect. We can diffuse a drop of water in 4~5 seconds. The international industry-standard natural water absorption is 60~70mm/5min or 200mm/1.5hour.


  • Poultry and animal husbandry: chicken farms, pig farms, cattle farms, livestock and poultry breeding, etc.

  • Greenhouse and horticulture industry: vegetable storage, seed room, floral planting, straw mushroom planting field, etc.

  • Industrial cooling: factory cooling and ventilation, industrial humidification, entertainment venues, pre-coolers, air processor units, etc.

  • Highly absorbent;

  • Strong evaporative cooling efficiency;

  • High strength and no deformation, durable;

  • Suitable for positive and negative pressure devices;

  • Energy-saving and eco-friendly;

  • Easy to install

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Specification of evaporative cooling pad

cooling pad

RTFANS mainly provides professional-quality 5090 / 7090 type Evaporative Cooling Pad which is working with evaporative air coolers, or we often use them with exhaust fans.

What is exhaust fan?

exhaust fan

RTFANS also provides professional-quality Exhaust Fan, which is working with Evaporative Air Coolers or Evaporative Cooling Pads as a full system or can be installed separately for air ventilation only. The exhaust fan uses air convection. The cooling principle of negative pressure ventilation is to suck in fresh air from the opposite side of the installation position (such as the door or windows), so that the hot air in the room is quickly discharged to the outside. It is a machine that can improve any poor ventilation problems, and the cooling and ventilation effect can reach 90%-97%.