Fan & Cooler Combo Solutions

It’s a combination of large industrial HVLS ceiling fans and evaporative air coolers and the advantages of these two products are well utilized.

When and Why "Fan & Cooler Combo” Concept Started?

RTFANS today is not only the leading brand of HVLS fan and air cooler products but also the leading solution provider for large space ventilation and cooling in China.

RTFANS started its evaporative cooler business in early 2003. After 7 years of development, the RTFANS management team found that evaporative coolers cannot always satisfy customers due to the high ducting cost reason and high humidity issue.
In 2008 HVLS fan products entered into China market. In 2010 one friend of the RTFANS owner introduced the HVLS fan product to the management team. When studying the product specifications there is a spark of ideas…it seems that an HVLS fan can reduce ducting cost significantly while providing large enough airflow and helps to reduce humidity—The best match!
This is how and when the “fan & cooler combo” concept started. After that, RTFANS spent about years putting this concept into reality.

In the last 10 years RTFANS team combined HVLS fans with evaporative coolers and made thousands of installations in China and SEA countries, this system is approved to be very efficient and cost-saving, it is the best and ONLY energy-saving choice today for all large and medium-sized space ventilation and cooling.

Till today the fan and cooler combo system are not only used in China and South East Asia countries but also spread rapidly to the rest of the world. Good ideas are always worth spreading.

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Why "Fan & Cooler Combo”?

The concept is to use both advantages from the two products.

The unique advantage of the air cooler is that it can drop air temperature with only 20% power consumption compared to traditional AC, but need air ducting to hang on the ceiling which impacts space utilization and image.

The unique advantage of HVLS is the high volume low-speed air movement ability, each fan enable to cover more than 1000 square meters, but can’t get temperature drop;

Fan & Cooler Combo take both advantages and can provide optimized ventilation and cooling environment for users.


With fresh cooled air from the air cooler and high volume low-speed air movement from the HVLS fan, you will get a perfect environment with the lowest cost; fresh cooled air can be distributed evenly into the inner space where you need it.

Compare with using only one product, it cost too much for an air cooler to use the ducting system but only gets spot cooling; HVLS fan can make air circulation but it’s not enough because in the hot season people need cooled air.
Fan and cooler combo realize a perfect solution for big space cooling and ventilation, no matter indoor or outdoor.

Fan & Cooler Combo Advantages

  1. Fresh and cooled air is dispensed into every corner of the building, bringing a soft breeze in all directions.
  2. High volume, low noise, better environment.
  3. No ducting in building, cost-saving, and space utilized, neat, and easy to organize.
  4. The system can be used together or independently: In the hot season, the fan & cooler combo system work the best; in the less hot seasons, can use an HVLS fan only for ventilation.


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More questions about Fan & Cooler Combo

Can HVLS fan and air cooler be combined with other ventilation products?

Surely yes!

Where can the “Fan and cooler combo” System be used? 

HVLS fan and Air cooler combined system can be used in almost all large or medium-sized space areas, including industrial applications such as factories, warehouses, and distribution centers; commercial applications like schools, stadiums, sports centers, airports/bus stations/terminals, restaurant, and even church, prayer room, gym and hotel lobby.

Case Study

One workshop of home appliance company, with an area of 7000 square meters, steel frame structure with height 11 meters, total 160 workers located at both side of the production line as figure1.

In the hot season, the temperature in workshop is up to 39℃ and almost no ventilation, high temperature brings a negative impact on productivity and product defect rate.

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Based on the actual situation, the RTFANS team designed a total of 40 units of RTF-25 air cooler and 8 units of HVLS fan with a diameter of 7.3 meters for a total of 4000 square meters’ working area. Air coolers are mounted on both sides of the wall to deliver fresh and cooled air into the building, the HVLS fans are installed on the steel frame of the ceiling to dispense the fresh and cooled air into every corner in the building as schematically shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3.

fan cooler combo caseshow 002

RTFANS is always striving to make better products and solutions for our customers. We believe in innovation, so we try to come with new ideas continuously. During the past years, we have made our fans better, durable, and easy to use. We improved our design and process; we grow from product sales to solution providers. We are still working on and testing new technologies. Our researchers try to make everything convenient and ensure high performance. We are still on the way to being better, grow with us!


We aim to be a world-leading solution supplier specialized in large space ventilation and cooling.

Join us to develop more and help our earth to be greener.