Frequently asked questions about HVLS fans(large industrial/commercial/PMSM fans) and air coolers with explanatory links.

How do you install this HVLS ceiling fan?

You can press the link to watch how to install the industrial ceiling fan. It is easy to install the HVLS ceiling fan by yourselves.

  • Step 1: Clip-on any steel H-beam, without changing any steel structure.
  • Step 2: RTFANS Cardan joint allows the fan to make free oscillation and find it’s level position no matter what the slope is.
  • Step 3: Connect the ends of the extension rod with the Cardan joint and drive device by bolts.
  • Step 4: The drive device has been assembled to be one unit before delivery, fix it to the extension rod by using bolts.
  • Step 5: Please ensure the angle between each steel wire and the drive device is 45°, make sure the drive device of fan at a vertical level position.
  • Step 6: Take the bottom cover close to the blade wheel and tighten it by bolts.
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