What are fan sizes available for these large HVLS ceiling fans?

We have three main types of large HVLS ceiling fans which are:

King Series

Paragon Series

Charm Series

Charm II Series

Virtue Series

Grace Series

The RTFANS industrial HVLS fans have five models of heavy-duty industrial ceiling fans. The diameter ranges from 3.7m to 7.3 meters. All models have different RPMs, applicable area diameter, current, and weight. You can select large or extra-large industrial ceiling fans for your use. Our team will assist you in getting the right size. Commercial HVLS fans have a diameter from 4m to 2.8m. These are available in four models. PMSM fans have a diameter from 2.8m to 7.3m. There are six models from the applicable area of 400 to 1,800 sq. meters.

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