What are fan sizes available for these large HVLS ceiling fans?

What are fan sizes available for these large HVLS ceiling fans?

We have three main types of large HVLS ceiling fans which are,

Industrial HVLS fans
Commercial HVLS fans

The RTFANS industrial HVLS fans have five models of heavy-duty industrial ceiling fans. The diameter ranges from 3.7m to 7.3 meters. All models have different RPM, applicable area diameter, current, and weight. You can select large or extra-large industrial ceiling fans for your use. Our team will assist you in getting the right size. Commercial HVLS fans have a diameter from 4m to 2.8m. These are available in four models. PMSM fans have a diameter from 2.8m to 7.3m. There are six models from the applicable area of 400 to 1800 sq. meters.

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