What makes the RTFANS HVLS fan better than the competitors?

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The reasons are:

Modern Variations

There are three different models of RTFANS HVLS large industrial ceiling fans. They have a diameter from 24ft to 18ft. You have a choice to select any of them according to your use, and will not find these variations easily in the market. You can select the best one by considering the weight, rpm, diameter, airflow, and current of the fan. Thus, RTFANS has a variety of big industrial ceiling fans and our team can suggest the best option according to your place.

RTFANS are made from durable material that can ensure the strength of the fan. The chassis of the fan is made of imported aeronautic aluminum alloy (AA7075). It is forged by a 1000T machine with 570MPa extension strength to provide good strength. The blades are also made of high-strength aircraft aluminum alloy. So, we do not compromise on the strength of our huge industrial ceiling fans.

Zero Maintenance

There is no maintenance required for over 20000 hours of operation. We use the “Shell” top-class “Omala” S4 lubrication oil to provide zero maintenance. Moreover, there is a German “Simirit” double oil seal design to ensure no leakage, durability, and reliability.


RTFANS adopts mortise and tenon structures with welding for the mainframe while other suppliers in the market use only welding to connect.

Bigger Airflow

With a leading R&D team for HVLS fans, RTFANS brings 20-30% higher air volume than other HVLS fans brands.

Modern Industrial Ceiling Fans

We have all modern designs of huge industrial ceiling fans to ensure the look and aesthetics of the area. All designs are according to modern standards. We use new, unique, and reliable parts to ensure better performance. Further, industrial and commercial ceiling fans are without lights to save energy.

Due to the above reasons, RTFANS are the best industrial ceiling fans and we provide our customers with reliable, durable, and cost-effective solutions.

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