What types of facilities benefit most from HVLS fans?

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The size of the HVLS fans depends on the area. Our team representatives are ready to tell you the right sizes of fans you need for the best performance.

RTFANS leading-edge commercial and industrial ceiling fans are beneficial for other facilities as well. The facilities that are benefitted are,

  1. HVAC Systems: HVLS fans assist your HVAC system. They can spread the air quickly in the whole area. You can also increase the temperature of your AC by a few degrees and reduce the running time by using such fans.

  2.  Dehumidification System: If you use the dehumidification system, then HVLS fans can also help to reduce the humidity. These fans can distribute the air in the whole area and reduce the level of humidity by up to 18%.

  3. Heating System: HVLS fans can spread warm air in the area. They do it quickly and make the area warm and comfortable.

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