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There are many companies that offer large or giant industrial ceiling fans for sale. But there are a few reasons that make RTFANS reliable and superior.

We are Experts

RTFANS is the leading solution provider in China that has been focusing on air ventilation and cooling products and system since 2003. It has rich experiences in both products and systems. It can not only provide you with high-quality products and competitive HVLS fans prices but also can help you to solve your problems. It helps you to meet your different requirements for ventilation and cooling, especially in large areas.

Excellent Market Reputation

RTFANS is the leading brand in China in (HVLS) high volume low-speed fans and has a good reputation in the market. The first HVLS industrial ceiling fan was made by the RTFANS team in 2008. We have a strong technical support team and we are leading in HVLS fan R&D in China.

Reliable Service

RTFANS provides you not only with the product but also service including installation training and after-sales reliable service and guidance.


RTFANS gives a lifetime warranty for its mechanical parts and 3 years warranty for its electrical parts to the large industrial HVLS fan products. We provide heavy-duty industrial ceiling fans to ensure durability.

Research and Development

Our research and development team works continuously throughout the year to make the best industrial, commercial, and residential ceiling fans. We have patented and unique designs to provide better airflow and quality. We have six blades designed for unbeatable airflow at low energy consumption per unit area. Our company also provides industrial and commercial ceiling fans with remote control. If the height of the ceiling is not much, then you can also get low-profile industrial ceiling fans from us for garage and low-height areas.

Wide Range

We have all modern designs of huge industrial ceiling fans to ensure the look and aesthetics of the area. All designs are according to modern standards. We use new, unique, and reliable parts to ensure better performance. Further, industrial and commercial ceiling fans are without lights to save energy.

Air Quality

Our large-diameter industrial ceiling fans not only distribute the air but also improve the air quality of the place.

No Maintenance

Our fans do not require maintenance, they are almost free of maintenance.

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