Sell Huge commercial ceiling fans used for warehouse&churches.

Sell Huge commercial ceiling fans used for warehouse&churches.

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RTFANS is a professional huge commercial ceiling fan manufacturer founded in 2003, Located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. We focus on cooling and circulating the air for warehouse, sale, outdoors, churches, and any other huge and high spaces for more than 10 years.

Huge Commercial Ceiling Fan

Our company has several commercial outdoor ceiling fans to adapt to a diverse environment. Such as commercial ceiling fans for warehouses with a max size up to 7.3m(24FT) and weights 125Kg, commercial ceiling fans with a diameter from 2.4m to 4.2m. Besides, the PMSM series with a PMSM motor and a diameter from 2.8m(9FT) to 7.3m(24FT) is our new product in recent years. Thanks to its low energy consumption and high-efficiency ventilating effect, our HVLS fans are becoming more and more popular in quantities of countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, and so on.

Commercial Ceiling Fan for Warehouses

Commercial ceiling fans square measure wont to flow into air in giant industrial buildings. they’re significantly helpful in warehouses and producing facilities that have high ceilings. Most commercial ceiling fans have metal or onerous plastic blades and spin at terribly high RPMs. due to the high rate at that they spin, they have to be put in a minimum of ten feet from the bottom and don’t seem to be thought safe for residential applications. Commercial fans are also wont to draw the warmth down from the ceiling and are usually spoken of as heat fans. The author’s commercial ceiling fan models that have the K55 motors can last the longest and have the simplest performance.

Maintaining correct air temperature and air quality square measure distinctive challenges for warehouses and distribution centers. However, strategically moving the air will solve these issues. RTFANS’s High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans square measure designed along with your explicit challenges in mind. whether or not you have got a little warehouse or large supply centers, RTFANS’s engineers will style a layout for your warehouse ceiling fans that will work for you. Our HVLS Fans with direct drive motors square measure ideal for environments that square measure sensitive to sound or the introduction of any oil.

Commercial ceiling fans for sale

Commercial ceiling fans for sale will build the heating and cooling system of any structure a lot economical and cost-efficient. industrial vogue overhead fans square measure designed to be used in square measures that need totally different specifications from those fixtures that are ordinarily used for many outdoor or churches. this is often additionally true for warehouses, giant stores, and fashionable technical and mechanical buildings, albeit individuals could associate these with the house. Commercial vogue overhead fans square measure those fixtures designed specifically for large-scale cooling and circulation for company buildings.