35,000CMH Air Cooler

35,000CMH Air Cooler Centrifugal provide an efficient, unique cooling effect almost anywhere. They can provide large-scale, powerful cooling in factories, substantial indoor spaces, and outdoor areas.

Air Cooler
Evaporative air cooling is a natural cooling method. It is a physical phenomenon that uses water evaporation to absorb heat. It is the most efficient and environmentally friendly cooling technology.

When the cooler works, water is drawn from the tank to the evaporative cooling pads and back to the tank, where the cooling pads become wet. A fan/blower draws hot air from outside the cooler through a moist cooling pad, the heat is absorbed, and the air is filtered and cooled before being delivered to the user space.
  1. 100% copper high-quality motor, With iron casting housing, more durable and steady;
  2. Upgraded high-efficiency cooling pad with fixing frame—Higher cooling efficiency and better protection for the core cooling media;
  3. Integrated one-piece fan blades with patent structure and design, Low noise, and high airflow;
  4. Strong PP engineering plastic structure with Anti-aging and Anti-UV material, long life span;
  5. Vertical water inlet valve to make sure, stable water inlet supply with minimum blockage;
  6. LCD and mechanical control board, optional for auto/mechanical control system;
  7. The open-type water distribution system can make water be distributed evenly onto a cooling pad;
  8. Specially designed air inlet shutter shape to ensure maximum air inlet while can keep rain and dust outside.

Core Technology

air cooler

The Best Choice in large industrial plants

As summer rolls around, most people are looking for cost-effective industrial air coolers to keep their spaces cool. Traditional air cooling methods are costly and inefficient when operating and handling extremely high temperatures in large industrial plants. At this time, evaporative air coolers are undoubtedly the best choice.

Evaporative air coolers are economizer coolers that use simple evaporative energy to provide cooling comfort to the user. Fresh filtered air flows through the ducts and cools the space.
Fan Type
Voltage/Freq (V/Hz)
Max Air Flow(CMH)
Working Current(A)
Power (Kw)
Net Weight(Kg)
Water Tank Capacity(L)
Water Consumption(L/H)
Applicable Area(M²)
1,780* 1,780* 1,350

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Air Cooler

More Efficient Cooling System

Installing an evaporative cooler is more expensive than an air conditioner, but provides a more efficient cooling system than traditional air conditioners, and can especially help save on energy bills. If you’re looking for a cooling system for your commercial or industrial building, choosing an industrial evaporative cooler would be a great choice.
Air Cooler

High Cooling Efficiency

To ensure high cooling efficiency, turn off the water supply, empty and clean the water tank, and dry the cooling pad during winter or when not in use for a long time. Draining the circulating water from the cooler tank is critical as it prevents the build-up of water that can be easily damaged and corroded.
Air Cooler

Cool and Humidify the air by Evaporation

The Industrial Evaporative Coolers can cool and humidify the air by evaporation. Evaporative cooling is an energy-efficient and cost-saving solution. The principal places where they can cool down include warehouses, manufacturing plants, workshops, construction sites, hangars, stadiums, loading docks, marquee tents, garages, farms, sporting events, barns, barns, and swimming pools or terraces, etc.

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