36,000CMH Air Cooler

With the use of 36000CMH air coolers, the benefits of evaporative air cooling can be experienced on a larger scale. These high-capacity coolers are specifically designed to provide efficient cooling for expansive spaces, making them particularly suited for commercial or industrial applications. By incorporating the principles of water evaporation, these air coolers not only deliver effective cooling but also minimize energy consumption and reduce environmental impact.

Evaporative air cooling is a natural and highly efficient method of heat absorption that relies on the physical process of water evaporation. This eco-friendly technology proves especially effective when applied to 36000CMH air coolers.

During operation, water is drawn from the tank and circulated through evaporative cooling pads, saturating them in the process. A fan or blower then pulls in outside hot air and directs it through the moist cooling pads. The pads absorb the heat from the air while simultaneously filtering and cooling it before distributing it to the desired space.

Voltage/Freq (V/Hz)380/50380/50380/50
Max Air Flow(CMH)36,00036,00036,000
Working Current(A)
Power (Kw)
Physical Size(MM)1,500*1,500*1,3501,500*1,500*1,3501,500*1,500*1,400
Air Outlet Size(MM)800*800800*800800*800
Water Tank Capacity(L)656565
Water Consumption(L/H)150150150
Applicable Area(M²)300~450300~450300~450
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Stay Cool, Save Energy

By utilizing RTFANS's HVLS Fans, air coolers, and other systems, we can establish a comfortable indoor environment, enabling people to rest and work more effectively.

Fan Motor

Fan Motor

  1. Adopt low vibration, low noise and high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance 100% copper core motor; 
  2. Adopt cast iron housing, corrosion resistance and reliable;
  3. More heavy with better balance and stability under running at high speed.

Fan Blade

  1. The fan blade is made of carbon fiber composite material, with a patented design; 

  2. Which will not deform or break under heavy pressure;

  3. It has the characteristics of large air volume, high air pressure, low noise and stable operation.

Fan Blade
Cooling Pad Assembly

Cooling Pad Assembly

  1. High evaporation efficiency and quick/fast cooling; 

  2. In line with the RoHS international environmental standard; 

  3. Superb wetting properties without water spatter; 

  4. Strong and self-supporting without deformation, long service life; 

  5. With anti-Algae level 1 to prevent the growth of algae.  

Housing Material

  1. The shell is made of new environmental protection engineering anti-oxidation plastic, which has good toughness, anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet;

  2. Special reinforcing rib design, more strong and longer life;

  3. 5 years warranty for the housing of air cooler.

Housing Material
Eaves-type Louver Design

Eaves-type Louver Design

  1. The Eaves-type louvers can effectively prevent rainwater from entering the inside of the machine and improve the service life of the product;

  2. The special structure design will not increase the resistance of wind into air cooler.

Water Distributor Design

The patented design of the water distribution system makes the water flow evenly distributed on the cooling pad, never clogging, and the cooling effect is more significant.

Water Distributor Design

Save Energy Cost Up To 30%

Cover 1000m² + with only 1.5kw!

Big industrial ceiling fans are energy efficient,cost-effective and can provide massive air movement in large industrial and commercial spaces.

Mechanical Water Inlet Valve

Mechanical Water Inlet Valve

No extra energy consumption, automatic water replenishment, no blockage, high stability, quality assurance for 100,000 times operation.

LCD Display Control Panel

Easy to operate, with timer, temperature, humidity (optional) control system, fault reminder function, concise and clear. 

LCD Display Control Panel

The Best Choice in large industrial plants

As summer rolls around, most people are looking for cost-effective industrial air coolers to keep their spaces cool. Traditional air cooling methods are costly and inefficient when operating and handling extremely high temperatures in large industrial plants. At this time, evaporative air coolers are undoubtedly the best choice.

Evaporative air coolers are economizer coolers that use simple evaporative energy to provide cooling comfort to the user. Fresh filtered air flows through the ducts and cools the space.

More Efficient Cooling System

Installing an evaporative cooler is more expensive than an air conditioner, but provides a more efficient cooling system than traditional air conditioners, and can especially help save on energy bills. If you’re looking for a cooling system for your commercial or industrial building, choosing an industrial evaporative cooler would be a great choice.

High Cooling Efficiency

To ensure high cooling efficiency, turn off the water supply, empty and clean the water tank, and dry the cooling pad during winter or when not in use for a long time. Draining the circulating water from the cooler tank is critical as it prevents the build-up of water that can be easily damaged and corroded.

Cool and Humidify the air by Evaporation

Industrial Evaporative Coolers can cool and humidify the air by evaporation. Evaporative cooling is an energy-efficient and cost-saving solution. The principal places where they can cool down include warehouses, manufacturing plants, workshops, construction sites, hangars, stadiums, loading docks, marquee tents, garages, farms, sporting events, barns, barns, swimming pools or terraces, etc.

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