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An airport is one of the busiest places where people come from different countries and cities. They need to wait for some time at the airport, which can be peaceful if the ventilation of the waiting room is done properly. It is a must to serve customers with good quality and fresh air in the waiting room so that they can be comfortable during their waiting period. Therefore, the airport facilities install airport ceiling fans in the waiting room. These ceiling fans are usually HVLS fans to provide excellent airflow and make a comfortable environment.



You will get many benefits from these large ceiling fans. Let’s see some of them.

High Airflow Airport

fans produce a very high airflow of up to 15,000 cubic meters per minute. They are huge and can create a well-aligned breeze with ease. The air reaches every corner of the area. This high airflow makes people comfortable in the area. They feel a soothing sensation due to the cool breeze from the fan. Therefore, an HVLS airport ceiling fan can be beneficial; it keeps the people cool and chilled. It also improves the air quality of the area by its high airflow. The relative humidity of the air is mitigated. Due to high airflow, the smell in the room and pathogens are also reduced. It is a must for every airport facility.

Low Noise

HVLS fans are enormous in diameter; therefore, some people think they produce too much noise. But in reality, the noise of airport ceiling fans is very low. It is nearly around 43dB or even less. A quiet library has a noise level of 40dB only; now, you can imagine how quiet these fans are. The noise level does not disturb people in the area. They can do their work with ease. You can also read books or do anything without any disturbance from the fan. This low noise feature makes these fans superb for an airport.

Better Air Conditioner’s Performance

There is no doubt that almost all airports have air conditioning systems. You might think that if there are air conditioning systems, what is HVLS fans. Air conditioning systems are expensive. They take some time to make the area cool. But when you install airport ceiling fans with air conditioning systems, the cool air reaches every corner due to the high airflow of fans. It spreads the air quickly.

Furthermore, you can also increase the set point of your air conditioner to a few degrees if you are using these fans. In this way, you can also save energy spent on air conditioning systems. HVLS fans assist the cooling system in the area and make it more efficient.

RTFANS Airport Ceiling Fans

RTFANS has different sizes of airport ceiling fans to match the area of other waiting rooms. Depending on the size, the fans can have a very high airflow of up to 15,000 cubic meters per minute. They run at very low noise and make the area comfortable for people. These fans can cover a vast area. You can install a single fan in an area of 1,500 square meters. Thus, only a few fans can cover an extensive facility. They also consume less electricity and provide fresh air at a meager running cost. You can make your air conditioning system better using these fans.

RTFANS is always ready to help you select the best size of fans for an airport. We can install the fan according to the size of the area. You can contact us for more information and questions. We are ready to help you out.


Model: RTF-DF-5E
Fan Dia.: 5.5m / 18ft
Motor Power: 0.65 KW / 2.0 HP
RPM: 20~63
Air Flow: 11,000 m³/min
Current: 1.6A/380V & 2.7A/220V
Applicable Area: 1,050 SQM
Weight: 100 KG
Noise: 39 DB


Cardan Joint

The hanger is equipped with cardan joints, which can adjust the verticality by itself, and install steel wire ropes in 4 directions, which effectively reduces the vibration generated during the operation of the equipment.

Structure Design of the Frame

The frame hanging ears, upper and lower end covers, and the shell are all connected by a tenon and tenon structure, and then fully welded, which is very strong.


The high-quality and high-speed motor specially customized by the famous motor manufacturer NORD for the company is the first domestic.

Own Patented Fan Structure

When fixing the screw, the fan blade will match the pin very well. The torque can be distributed on the fan blade.

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