Commercial Ceiling Fans for Room

Ceiling fans for horse barns and cattle farms are the solution to all problems that are caused by improper ventilation.

Commercial Ceiling Fans for Room
They are perfect for a large area, including factories, GYMs, libraries, restaurants, and waiting rooms. All large commercial areas such as gyms and restaurants require special ventilation. The area of these commercial places is quite large, so they cannot be covered by small ceiling fans or wall-mounted fans. For such places, commercial ceiling fans are mostly used. You might have seen large restaurant ceiling fans in many places. Let’s see what benefits these commercial ceiling fans provide.
  • Choose from 8ft-24ft in diameter and above 6m+ space options;
  • Six aluminum airfoils with winglets and safety constraints;
  • Industrial-grade motor with sealed helical gearbox for smooth operation and durability;
  • Installation to I-beams, joists, solid beams, and purlins;
  • Robust safety features keep workers cool and safe;
  • Broad airflow coverage improves your space's existing HVAC efficiency.
In a GYM, people sweat a lot due to workouts. So, there is a special need for high airflow. HVLS fans provide a cool breeze in the area that keeps the sweat away from the people. The people in the area sweat less and feel energetic due to high airflow. The humidity of the area is also reduced, which makes people feel more comfortable.

HVLS large ceiling fans are ideal for the ventilation of commercial places. They can ventilate a large area without any hassle. You can install them to offer the best customer service.

Core Technology

Commercial Ceiling Fans for Room

Proper Ventilation

When we talk about the ventilation of commercial places, we think about fans. But commercial places are very large, and they require a better ventilation system. In restaurants, there is a lot of smoke due to cooking. If there is no proper ventilation, then the customer will not be able to breathe properly. Lack of ventilation and smoke causes difficulty in breathing. People feel uncomfortable in such places. For proper ventilation, there are commercial ceiling fans for rooms. These ceiling fans for the room are very large, and they can cover a massive area. They ventilate the area properly by providing a high airflow.
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Commercial Ceiling Fans for Room

Reduce Smell and Pathogens

Commercial places are more prone to smell and pathogens. Some airborne diseases can also spread in the area if there is no proper ventilation. A restaurant will have a smell in the area if the air does not flow at the required rate. This can cause discomfort to people. In gyms, people sweat a lot, which can be the cause of smell in the area and pathogens. Similarly, all commercial areas have many people at the same time. Thus, it is necessary to keep the air fresh and healthy. Commercial ceiling fans for rooms and gyms are superb. They can improve air quality by throwing a high volume of air. The people in the area feel comfortable and relaxed. These fans also help to reduce the risk of airborne diseases.
Commercial Ceiling Fans for Room

Low-cost Ventilation

One of the most important benefits of commercial ceiling fans is their low running cost. They consume very little energy as compared to air conditioning systems and evaporative coolers. Due to the low cost of ventilation, these fans are preferred for commercial places. Only a single fan can cover a large area that a few hundred small ceiling fans can cover. Moreover, you can also use these fans at normal temperatures when there is no need for an air conditioning system. It can save a lot of money that you spent on cooling systems. When you run HVLS fans with air conditioning units, the area becomes cool quickly, and you can also increase the setpoint temperature to a few degrees to save energy.
Commercial Ceiling Fans for Room

RTFANS Commercial Ceiling Fans for room

RTFANS also makes a wide range of commercial and industrial ceiling fans. The commercial ceiling fans are smaller than industrial ceiling fans, and they can cover commercial areas easily. These fans are very quiet and have a noise level of around 40-42dB. You can install these fans in restaurants, gyms, dining lounges, libraries, or any commercial place. There are different sizes available, so you can choose the right size according to your needs. Our fans are excellent to improve the air quality and ventilate a large area.

You can contact us to get an idea of the size of the fans. We can also help you select the right size.

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