Cooling Pad System

The evaporative cooling pad & exhaust fan cooling system can cool down the temperature by using evaporative cooling. Mainly in agriculture and animal husbandry, chicken farms, cattle farms, horse farms and flower planting, etc.

cooling pad
The honeycomb cooling pad is treated with hardeners, preservatives and special odorless binders to extend its life and durability.

The heated air is drawn in evaporative air coolers. When the air cooler passes through the wet honeycomb cooling pads, as it passes through the evaporative cooling pad, the water flowing through the honeycomb cooling pads absorbs heat from the air, causing the water to evaporate. It will produce cool, moist air.


Effective Cooling: Lowers temperature at a minimal energy cost.
cooling pad

The energy-efficient fan of your dreams

Powerfoil Breeze knows when to spin and when to stay quiet—thanks to this commercial fan’s infrared motion sensor that automatically detects when people are active in your space and when they’re not. (And turns off after five minutes if your space is a ghost town!)
cooling pad

Higher Consistency

The specially engineered fluted structure of RTFANS Honeycomb cooling pads 5090 prevents sagging and clogging thus delivering cool air for a longer period of time.

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Maintainance Free

RTFANS Honeycomb cooling pads 5090 have a unique structure that does not allow dust or dirt to settle on them.
cooling pad

More Effective

RTFANS Honeycomb cooling pads 5090 can handle treble the air velocity over the same area, compared to any other type of Honeycomb cooling pads 5090.

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