Evaporative Air Cooler for Garage RTF-25 Series

Ceiling fans for horse barns and cattle farms are the solution to all problems that are caused by improper ventilation.

Air Cooler
You need to keep the people comfortable who are working in the area; therefore, it is essential to install a cooling system. High temperatures are extremely uncomfortable; you cannot work at good efficiency, and productivity is also affected. People install air conditioners and evaporative coolers in the garage. But not everyone can afford the upfront cost and high running cost of air conditioning systems.

In contrast, an evaporative air cooler for the garage can cool the area at a low cost of running, which can save money. It is an affordable option.

RTFANS has been providing ventilation and air-cooling solutions for more than two decades. We provide high-quality evaporative air coolers for garages and other large spaces. Let’s see the benefits that you will get from our evaporative coolers.
  1. 100% copper high-quality motor, With iron casting housing, more durable and steady;
  2. Upgraded high-efficiency cooling pad with fixing frame—Higher cooling efficiency and better protection for the core cooling media;
  3. Integrated one-piece fan blades with patent structure and design, Low noise, and high airflow;
  4. Strong PP engineering plastic structure with Anti-aging and Anti-UV material, long life span;
  5. Vertical water inlet valve to make sure, stable water inlet supply with minimum blockage;
  6. LCD and mechanical control board, optional for auto/mechanical control system;
  7. The open-type water distribution system can make water be distributed evenly onto a cooling pad;
  8. Specially designed air inlet shutter shape to ensure maximum air inlet while can keep rain and dust outside.

Core Technology

air cooler

Cool Air Breeze

Our evaporative air coolers provide high airflow in the area. The well-aligned and cool breeze covers a wide space. Due to the cool air breeze, the temperature of the area can drop up to 15˚C, which is excellent to make the environment comfortable. The air coolers are perfect for areas where the temperature remains high. They can also work as a humidifier. The cool breeze from the cooler is damp, which increases the humidity of the area. Therefore, these coolers are also good for areas where the humidity is low.
Fan Type
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Air Cooler

Low Upfront and Running Cost

The upfront cost of our evaporative air cooler for garages is almost 1/5th of the traditional air conditioning system. Therefore, these are suitable for people who cannot invest a lot in traditional air conditioners. Moreover, the running cost is also much lower than the traditional conditioning system. You can reduce your energy bill by installing these air coolers. The energy consumption is 1/8th of the energy consumed by air conditioners. Thus, air coolers save energy and provide a cost-effective solution to make the environment cooler and more comfortable.
Air Cooler

Efficient Cooling Pads

Evaporative air-cooling technology uses cooling pads in the air coolers. Hot air passes through the pad and becomes cool. These pads are the main components of the system. RTFANS has an excellent and innovative cooling pad. The pad has evaporative efficiency of nearly 80%, which is commendable. It absorbs heat and water efficiently. Our cooling pads are anti-bacterial and anti-algae. They are also environmentally friendly. They also improve the air quality by extracting the dust from the air.
Air Cooler

Get RTFANS Evaporative Air Cooler for your Garage

RTFANS provides a wide range of evaporative air coolers. We have many models and products that are suitable for different areas. The airflow of our coolers ranges from 20,000 to 45,000 cubic meters per minute, and they can cover an area in the range of 100-300 square meters. These air coolers can easily provide excellent cooling in your garage. According to the area of the garage, one or several units can be installed.

RTFANS is always ready to help you in selecting the right size of air cooler for the garage. You can contact us, and we will assist you in choosing the best model.

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