Evaporative Cooling Pad 7090

Honeycomb Cooling Pad 7090

The evaporative air coolers are equipped with best-in-class honeycomb cooling pads 7090. It is a revolution in honeycomb design. Honeycomb cooling pads 7090 are made of cellulose paper with a cross-section of specially treated fluted media designed to absorb and retain moisture and provide maximum cooling efficiency.

The honeycomb cooling pad is treated with hardeners, preservatives and special odorless binders to extend its life and durability.

The heated air is drawn in evaporative air coolers. When the air cooler passes through the wet honeycomb cooling pads, as it passes through the evaporative cooling pad, the water flowing through the honeycomb cooling pads absorbs heat from the air, causing the water to evaporate. It will produce cool, moist air.

Effective Cooling: Lowers temperature at a minimal energy cost.

Time to Upgrade your Ventilation

Proper ventilation can expel stale, humid indoor air from your factory and replace it with fresh outdoor air in a controlled manner. The atmosphere in well-ventilated places should not be overly damp or overly dry. Time to Upgrade your Ventilation by RTFANS.

Core Technology

High Cooling Efficiency

Using space cross-linking technology, it has high absorption and long service life. Large evaporation surface area, cooling efficiency as high as 80%.



RTFANS's cooing pads are eco-friendly for use.

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient: Allows higher cooling with lower air volume; RTFANS Honeycomb cooling pads 7090 have saturation effectiveness with over 80% efficiency.

Higher Consistency

Higher Consistency: The specially engineered fluted structure of RTFANS Honeycomb cooling pads 7090 prevents sagging and clogging thus delivering cool air for a longer period of time.

Safety First Industry Standard

As china’s largest ceiling Fans company and a leader in air coolers manufacturing, the RTFANS strives to set the standard in environment, health, and safety, as well as innovation.

Maintainance Free

Maintainance Free: RTFANS Honeycomb cooling pads 7090 have a unique structure that does not allow dust or dirt to settle on them.

More Effective

More Effective: RTFANS Honeycomb cooling pads 7090 can handle treble the air velocity over the same area, compared to any other type of Honeycomb cooling pads 7090.

For a Greener Earth!

We aim to be a world-leading solution supplier specializing in large-space ventilation and cooling. Join us to develop more and help our earth to be greener.

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