Grace Series

  • 600W
Fan Diameter
  • 9ft~11ft
Fan Blade Qty:
  • 5 Blades
Max Airflow:
  • <10000 CMH
Height of Application:
  • Higher than 3m
Applicable Area:
  • 200m²
US$ 1,350.00 US$ 1,800.00
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Products Details

Fan Dia.3.3m/11ft2.6m/9ft
Air Flow(m³/min)6,8005,580
Application Area280m²200m²
Fan Blades.5

We provide One-Stop Ventilation and Cooling Solutions for large spaces, including industrial and commercial applications. Its performance mainly includes a more comfortable personal experience, a larger upper limit of air volume, innovative and revolutionary safety technology invention and application, and a more powerful, more stable, and quieter custom powertrain.

  • Choose from 18ft-24ft in diameter and above 6m+ space options;
  • Six aluminum airfoils with winglets and safety constraints;
  • Industrial-grade motor with sealed helical gearbox for smooth operation and durability;
  • Installation to I-beams, joists, solid beams, and purlins;
  • Robust safety features keep workers cool and safe;
  • Broad airflow coverage improves your space's existing HVAC efficiency.

The energy-efficient fan of your dreams
Powerfoil Breeze knows when to spin and when to stay quiet—thanks to this commercial fan’s infrared motion sensor that automatically detects when people are active in your space and when they’re not. (And turns off after five minutes if your space is a ghost town!)

NORD Exclusive Customized drive system
Getriebebau NORD is one of the major leaders in driving technology worldwide – for mechanical and electronic solutions. NORD exclusively customizes the drive system used in the king series to increase the size of the frame, and it is also the only one in China.

  • High efficiency for low operating costs
  • Compact design means low space requirements
  • Robust grey cast iron housing
  • High axial and radial load capacities enable safe operation
  • Quiet running
  • Application-specific versions

Excellent Safety Guarantee

  • The unique domestic combination of an anti-break plate and hub cover is adopted to ensure the safety of the fan fins. It can reduce the weight of the whole machine, improve motor efficiency, and achieve a perfect combination.
  • 40 Years Reliable Lifetime Design
  • Ten times more significant fan force structural strength design
  • Precise and reliable product tolerances and dynamic balance

RTFANS Exclusive Design

  • RTFANS Exclusive Design Integrated Controller for HVLS fan.
  • USA high-end TI Chip, higher output torque and substantial anti-electromagnetic Interference, lower electromagnetic noise.
  • Stepless speed regulation, Time display, Timer On/Off, Power-off memory function, Working time display, etc.
  • Muti-Safety protection, Open-phase, Over-current, Lock-rotor overload, Over-voltage, Under Voltage, Over Temperature

Protection, etc.


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Virtue Series
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Virtue Series

US$ 2,200.00 US$ 1,800.00
25,000CMH Air Cooler Centrifugal
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25,000CMH Air Cooler Centrifugal

US$ 2,800.00 US$ 2,200.00

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