Industrial Exhaust Fan

Industrial exhaust fans are an essential piece of equipment for factories and industrial facilities, These fans work by removing contaminated air and replacing it with fresh, clean air, effectively improving the air quality inside the factory. By removing pollutants and contaminants from the air, industrial exhaust fans create a safer and healthier working environment for employees, reducing the risk of respiratory problems, allergies, and other health issues. Moreover, these fans can also help to prevent equipment damage and prolong their lifespan by reducing the buildup of dust and other harmful particles in the air. In short, industrial exhaust fans are a critical investment for any factory looking to prioritize the health and safety of its workers and optimize its production environment.

The unique propeller design is self-cleaning and allows high efficiency to be reached, features that characterize the high quality and excellent performance. Four units ranging from 28,000 to 44,500m³ per hour airflow extract out of the specified space are available, this makes the KA series ventilation fan more suitable for some applications such as Evaporative cooling systems, supermarkets, hospitals, workshops, textile, garment, gymnasium, and so on.
Industrial Exhaust Fan
  • High-efficiency ventilation capacity with lower investment and operation cost;
  • Each motor is individually tested for 100% quality control;
  • Galvanized steel Fan housing and Shutters to ensure the highest strength;
  • Italy imported V-type belts with high quality and durable;
  • The 6-bladed propeller is made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy;
  • A powerful couple of Mass keeps the shutter firmly closed when the fan is not operating.
Industrial Exhaust Fan

The cooling effect can reach 90%-97%.

The negative pressure fan(industrial exhaust fan) uses the cooling principle of air convection and negative pressure ventilation. Any poor ventilation problem with the industrial exhaust fan can improve the machine, and the cooling effect can reach 90%-97%. The negative pressure fan has the characteristics of low investment cost, large air volume, low noise, low energy consumption, stable operation, long life, and high efficiency. The shutter automatically opens and closes to achieve a dust-proof, waterproof, and beautiful appearance; The best choice for modern workshop cooling and ventilation.
Product Size (mm)
Air Flow (m³/min)
Motor Power (KW)
Noise (dBA)
Voltage (V)
RPM (r/m)
Blade Diameter (mm)
Weight (KG)
KA-1380 GI
KA-1220 GI
KA-1060 GI
KA-900 GI
You can select for use according to your needs.GI = Galvanized sheet; FG = Fiberglass; SS = Stainless Steel.

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Industrial Exhaust Fan

Ventilation and cooling

Because of the direct sunlight on buildings, machinery and equipment, the human body, and other heat sources, the workplace will continue to accumulate heat and keep the temperature high, while the negative pressure fan can quickly discharge the indoor hot air so that the indoor air pressure will drop to form a negative pressure space. The outside air is compensated to flow into the room. At the same time, the air activity takes away the heat accumulated in the room, which will also accelerate the evaporation of human sweat, and then make the human body feel cool.
Industrial Exhaust Fan

Small investment and green environmental protection

The suction volume of the negative pressure fan is as high as 38,000 cubic meters, and the negative pressure fan does not use a compressor, which will not pollute the environment, and has low operating noise.
Industrial Exhaust Fan

Simple operation and long use

The installation and operation of the negative pressure fan are very convenient and simple. The number of air changes is planned according to the actual needs of the space. Any high temperature, sultry, harmful gas, dust, and smoke can be quickly discharged from the workshop. Aluminum die-casting, so it can withstand high temperature and is not easy to be deformed by aging so that the fan can have a long service time.

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