Industrial Ventilation Fan at Best Price in CHINA

  1. High-efficiency ventilation capacity with lower investment and operation cost;
  2. Each motor is individually tested for 100% quality control;
  3. Galvanized steel Fan housing and Shutters to ensure the highest strength;
  4. Italy imported V type belts with high quality and durable;
  5. The 6-bladed propeller is made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy;
  6. A powerful couple of Mass keeps the shutter firmly closed when the fan is not operating.
  • Choose from 8ft-24ft in diameter and above 4.5m space options;
  • 6 aluminum airfoils with winglets and safety constraints;
  • Industrial-grade motor with sealed helical gearbox for smooth operation and durability;
  • Installation to I-beams, joists, solid beams and purlins;
  • Powerful safety features keep workers cool and safe;
  • Broad airflow coverage improves your space’s existing HVAC efficiency

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