HVLS Ceiling Fans for Warehouse Cooling

This feature not only helps in reducing the temperature but also facilitates consistent air circulation, thereby minimizing the accumulation of pollutants and dust.

Additionally, as the large blades rotate, they generate a gentle breeze effect, offering a more comfortable and effective alternative to traditional exhaust fans and other types of air conditioning systems. Moreover, HVLS Ceiling Fans for Warehouses offer the crucial advantages of an extended lifespan, low failure rate, and minimal maintenance requirements.

HVLS Ceiling Fans for Warehouses are an optimal choice for providing efficient air cooling in industrial facilities. These HVLS fans are distinguished by their large blade size, allowing them to cover a substantial area of a room or space. With their slow operational speed, HVLS Ceiling Fans for Warehouses deliver a significant amount of airflow while consuming minimal energy.

Fan Dia.6.1m/20ft
Air Flow(m³/min)11,200
RPM20-53 RPM
Noise42 dBA
Weight105 kg
Fan Blades5 PCS
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Stay Cool, Save Energy

By utilizing RTFANS's HVLS Fans, air coolers, and other systems, we can establish a comfortable indoor environment, enabling people to rest and work more effectively.

Driving Device

Driving Device

  1. Imported Germany ""NORD"" coaixal bevel wheel decelerator with diameter of axle 40MM. 

  2. German “Simrit” double oil seal design, durable and reliable.

  3. “Shell” top class “Omala” S4 lubrication oil, zero maintenance for over 20000 hours.

  4. IE3 High efficiency motor with imported “SKF-VL” bearing, 10%-15% energy saving than IE1. 

Hub Wheel

  1.  Imported Aeronautic Aluminum Alloy (AA7075);

  2.  Unique Double Wheel Hub design;

  3.  High pressure forging technology, with T6 thermal treatment process & CNC precision machining & dynamic balance  test of the complete set chassis & 40 times strength test.

Hub Wheel
VFD Controlling

RTFANS VFD Controlling

(Standard Configuration)

  1.  VFD inverter controller,  with stepless speed regulation;

  2. With safety protection module inside, over-current, over-voltage, lack of phase, etc.   

VFD Controlling (Optional)

  1.  Denmark Imported ""DANFOSS"" VFD inverter, with stepless speed regulation;

  2.  IP55 motor protection grade and NEMA 1 standard control box;

  3.  "Schneider" brand electrical sets, with safety protection module inside.

VFD Controlling
Fan Blade

Fan Blade

  1.  High strength aircraft Aluminum alloy: AA6063T6511 with fluorocarbon coating surface processing;

  2.  Patented airfoil design with special reinforce rib support system which increase the strength of fan blade and avoids the sagging of fan tail and fatigue loss of connecting components."  

Cardan Joint

Unique cardan joint design, working as a human beings’ joint,  to decrease the shocking of fan during running.

Cardan Joint

Save Energy Cost Up To 30%

Cover 1000m² + with only 1.5kw!

Big industrial ceiling fans are energy efficient,cost-effective and can provide massive air movement in large industrial and commercial spaces.

Motor Frame

Motor Frame

"mortise and tenon joint structure" welded by robot, traditional technique with double guarantee on Q345B high-strength structural steel.

Anti-Drop Device

Unique design with milling cutter chuck to connect the motor shaft and hub wheel, using an Anti-drop device to connect with milling cutter chuck to eliminate any risk of falling, more higher security,

Anti-Drop Device
Fan Blade Plug Connection

Fan Blade Plug Connection

  1.  High strength aircraft Aluminum alloy: AA7075 Sereis;
  2.  The blades are installed in the interpolation type, which increases the contact area between the blade plug and the inner wall of the blade and improves the force performance on the blade and the blade plug,  bettering its security.

Safety Retainer

6 pcs airfoils are connected into a whole with 6 pcs safety retainer.

Safety Retainer


German DIN933 Industrial Bolt and DIN125A locknut with high strength 8.8 grade, the practical stress it could endure is 10 times than normal.


Standard Export Package.


Cooling Effect

Warehouses can cause discomfort to people due to high temperatures. Large warehouse ceiling fans can easily offer a cooling effect in the area. They have a very high airflow that causes the sweat to evaporate at a very high rate. When the sweat evaporates at high speed, it makes the body cool. This cooling effect is also known as the chilling effect. The fan can make people feel 5-7˚C cooler. They feel more comfortable in the area. Moreover, people do not sweat due to high airflow, and they work efficiently in an excellent environment—consequently, your productivity increases.

Excellent Air Quality

The air quality of a warehouse is also an essential factor. The air’s humidity level should be less; otherwise, the people in the area will sweat more and feel uncomfortable. Furthermore, due to humidity, pathogens and allergens in the environment can cause various diseases. Large warehouse cooling fans reduce the moisture and offer fresh air. The high airflow reduces the pathogens and odor in the air. Warehouse fans improve the quality of air.

RTFANS Big Warehouse Cooling Fans

RTFANS has a wide range of warehouse cooling fans that range from 12f-24ft. They can easily cover a large area and improve air quality. All these cooling fans are specially made for warehouses. They provide high airflow up to 13,500 cubic meters per minute. They can reduce the humidity by up to 15% and make the place better for workers. The workers in the area can work comfortably and efficiently.

You can contact our team to know the best size of fans for your warehouse. We are always ready to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

HVLS fans are suitable for a wide range of warehouse types, including those with high ceilings, large floor areas, and a high volume of workers or equipment. These fans are particularly effective in environments with unfinished concrete floors or areas with high humidity or moisture levels. HVLS fans are often installed in warehouses, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and other large facilities where temperature control and air movement are crucial for employee safety and productivity.

HVLS fans can help reduce energy costs by circulating air throughout the space, which reduces the need for air conditioning and heating systems to work as hard. In the summer, the fan can create a cool breeze that reduces the perceived temperature by up to 10°F. This allows you to run your air conditioning system less frequently or at a higher temperature, which can significantly reduce your energy bills. In the winter, the fan can circulate warm air that collects at the ceiling, distributing it back down to the floor and reducing the workload on your heating system.

Choosing the right size HVLS fan for your warehouse depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the space, the ceiling height, and the number of workers or equipment in the area. In general, a larger fan is required for a bigger space with a higher ceiling. However, it's important to consult with an HVLS fan expert who can provide a detailed analysis of your space and recommend the appropriate size and number of fans needed for optimal results.

HVLS fan installation typically includes the fan itself, any necessary mounting hardware, and electrical connections. However, the specific installation process can vary depending on the fan model and the space in which it will be placed. Many HVLS fan manufacturers offer a warranty that covers any defects or malfunctions that occur during the warranty period, typically one to five years. It's important to read and understand the warranty terms and conditions before purchasing an HVLS fan to ensure adequate coverage.