Livestock HVLS Fans for sale

  • 1.1Kw
Fan Diameter
  • 18ft~24ft
Fan Blade Qty:
  • 5 Blades
Max Airflow:
  • 10,000 CMH
Applicable Area:
  • >1000m²
Height of Application:
  • Higher than 6m
US$ 2,500.00 US$ 2,800.00
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Products Details

Fan Dia.7.3m/24ft6.1m/20ft5.5m/18ft
Air Flow(m³/min)12,60011,2009,800
Application Area1,600m²1,200m²850m²
Fan Blades.5

When you are in the livestock business, it is a must to keep your livestock healthy and fit. The health of livestock is an important matter, and you need to take care of it. There are several problems in livestock farms are high humidity, smell, and lack of air ventilation. These problems must be resolved if you want to keep your livestock healthy. To solve these problems, farm owners use livestock HVLS fans that are beneficial in every aspect.

  • Choose from 8ft-24ft in diameter and above 6m+ space options;
  • 5 aluminum airfoils with winglets and safety constraints;
  • Industrial-grade motor with sealed helical gearbox for smooth operation and durability;
  • Installation to I-beams, joists, solid beams, and purlins;
  • Robust safety features keep workers cool and safe;
  • Broad airflow coverage improves your space's existing HVAC efficiency.

Reduce Smell

Livestock farms are smelly. The reason behind it is the decomposition of animal waste, which produces harmful gases in the area. These gases are dangerous to the health of livestock. So, they can create various breathing problems in animals and humans. It is a must to ventilate the area to reduce the smell. The people working in the area also feel uncomfortable. Livestock HVLS fans are excellent in reducing the smell of the facility. They provide fresh air and replace it with the existing air. The air quality of the area is greatly improved, which is better for animals and people as well.

Low Relative Humidity

High humidity is a severe problem for any farm that contains animals. Due to high humidity, livestock may suffer from adverse diseases. The facility building and things in the area are also affected. High humidity in any area gives rise to bacteria, pathogens, airborne diseases, molds, etc. Thus, it is necessary to control it. Livestock fans are usually very large. They have a high airflow that can help in the reduction of humidity. When these fans run, the humidity of the area is reduced, which helps in keeping the livestock healthy. The people working in the area also feel better.

HVLS livestock fans are very large, so they easily provide a high volume of air in the area. They ventilate the whole area and make the air fresh.

Ventilation at Low Cost

The ventilation done by using livestock fans is not very much costly. The running cost is much less than the air conditioning systems. You need only a few fans for a large facility of several thousand square meters because one fan can cover an area of more than a thousand square meters. Only a few fans will ventilate the area and make the air fresh and breathable.

RTFANS Livestock HVLS Fans

RTFANS is a leading manufacturer of livestock HVLS fans. There are many industrial and commercial fan models available. We also manufacture livestock fans that can keep your livestock healthy. The livestock fan size ranges from 12ft-24ft. These fans have a very high airflow of up to 15,000 cubic meters per minute, depending on the size of the fan. All these fans are perfect for livestock, and you can use them to make the air quality better.

We are always ready to serve you. You can contact us to get an idea of the size of the fans you need. If you have any questions or you need details, feel free to contact us.

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