Portable Air Cooler KA-48

Fan Type:
  • Axis-flow Type
Fan Blade Qty:
  • 3 Blades
  • 1.1Kw
Max Airflow:
  • >30000 CMH
Water Tank Capacity:
  • 350L
Applicable Area:
  • 400m²
US$ 2,450.00 US$ 2,900.00
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Products Details

Housing Material PE
Voltage/Freq (V/Hz)110/230V, 50/60HZ
CONTROL SYSTEMLCD panel and remote control
FAN BLADE MATERIALReinforced nylon
FAN SPEED3-speed
Max Air Flow(CMH)35,000
Power (w)1100
Physical Size(MM)1,550*770*1,750
Air Outlet Size(MM)Common air grill
Water Tank Capacity(L)350
Applicable Area(M²)400

The portable evaporative cooler KA-48 is ideal for cooling medium and large working environments and for cooling individual areas or machinery.

The portable evaporative cooler KA-48 is capable of cooling up to 400m² with an electrical consumption of only 1,100 W and approximately 40~55 liters of water per hour.

Ideal for Cooling

The portable evaporative cooler KA-48 is ideal for cooling medium to large work environments and partially cooling individual areas or machines. Working in an uncomfortable environment is certainly not conducive to concentration and can reduce productivity. In summer, high temperatures often create unbearable microclimates in the workplace, thus testing people and machines.

Reduce work performance and safety issues

The Portable Air Cooler KA-48 has an LCD control panel, remote control, manual drainage, and a floating water-filling system.

Cool and purify the air

Unlike conventional air conditioners that are efficient in large spaces or correspondence with open doors and windows, as well as high installation costs and energy consumption, RTFANS portable evaporative coolers cool and purify the air in open environments.

Directly without installation and easily moved

The Portable Air Cooler KA-48 can be used directly without installation and easily moved thanks to its equipped wheels.

Portable Air Cooler KA-48 is suitable for use in industry, logistics and packaging sectors, laundries and dry cleaners, printing plants, tensile structures, farms, sports facilities, and livestock farms.

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