Portable Air Cooler RTF-20Y

The RTF-20Y portable evaporative cooler is designed to effectively cool medium to large work environments, as well as provide partial cooling to individual areas or machines. Working in an uncomfortable environment hinders concentration and can lead to lower productivity. During the summer, high temperatures frequently create unbearable microclimates in workplaces, which can greatly impact both individuals and machines.

Housing Material PP
Voltage/Freq (V/Hz)110/230V, 50/60HZ
CONTROL SYSTEMVFD stepless speed
FAN BLADE MATERIALReinforced nylon
FAN SPEEDstepless speed
Max Air Flow(CMH)20,000
Power (w)1100
Physical Size(MM)1,120*1,120*1,950
Air Outlet Size(MM)Common air grill
Water Tank Capacity(L)300L
Applicable Area(M²)150
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Stay Cool, Save Energy

By utilizing RTFANS's HVLS Fans, air coolers, and other systems, we can establish a comfortable indoor environment, enabling people to rest and work more effectively.

The portable air cooler RTF-20Y is a compact and efficient air conditioning solution that can quickly move from room to room. Unlike traditional central air conditioning systems, The portable air cooler RTF-20Y does not require any permanent installation or ductwork, making them ideal for homes, factories, apartments, or offices where a permanent installation is not feasible.

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Low Investment, High Efficiency

Large Air Volume and Long Air Supply:

Stable Performance, Reliable Quality

Low Power Consumption

Adjust Humidity

High Quality Air

Great Cooling Effect

The RTF-20Y portable evaporative cooler is an efficient cooling solution for medium to large work environments, as well as for cooling specific areas or machinery. Working in uncomfortable heat can negatively impact concentration and productivity. This cooler is particularly useful during the summer when high temperatures create unbearable microclimates in the workplace, which can affect both people and machines.

In addition, the RTF-20Y offers features such as an LCD control panel, remote control, manual drainage, and a floating water-filling system. Unlike traditional air conditioners, which are better suited for closed spaces and require high installation costs and energy consumption, RTFANS portable evaporative coolers effectively cool and purify the air in open environments.

One advantage of the RTF-20Y is that it can be used without any installation and is easily portable due to its equipped wheels. This portable air cooler is suitable for a wide range of industries, including logistics and packaging sectors, laundries and dry cleaners, printing plants, tensile structures, farms, sports facilities, as well as livestock farms.

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