Portable HVLS Fan KA-38Y

The Portable HVLS Fan KA-38Y is a compact and efficient air conditioning solution that can quickly move from here to there.

Portable HVLS fan
The Portable HVLS fan KA-38Y is a compact and efficient air conditioning solution that can quickly move from room to room. Unlike traditional central air conditioning systems, The Portable HVLS fan KA-38Y does not require any permanent installation or ductwork, making them ideal for homes, factories, apartments, or offices where a permanent installation is not feasible.
  1. Motor Type: PMSM motor
  2. Power: 600w
  3. Control: VFD step-less speed
  4. Fan diameter: 1.25M (48")
  5. Covering space: 400-500M²
Portable HVLS fan

Evaporative Cooling Technology

These units use evaporative cooling technology, which works by pulling in hot and humid air and passing it over water-moistened pads, resulting in cooled and dehumidified air being expelled back into the room. This cooling process not only lowers the temperature but also provides a fresh and cool breeze, making the environment more comfortable and enjoyable.
Fan Type
Voltage/Freq (V/Hz)
Power (Kw)
Max Air Flow(CMH)
Fan Diameter
Net Weight(Kg)
Air Delivery Distance
Applicable Area(M²)
VFD Stepless Speed

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Portable HVLS fan

Consume much less energy

In terms of energy efficiency, The Portable HVLS fan KA-38Y is an excellent choice as they consume much less energy compared to traditional air conditioning systems. This not only reduces the cost of energy bills but also helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the user.
Portable HVLS fan

Easy to use and Maintain

Finally, The Portable HVLS fan KA-38Y is also very easy to use and maintain. Most units come with a remote control, allowing users to adjust the temperature and settings from across the room. Maintenance is also a breeze, with most units requiring only regular cleaning of the water-moistened pads and air filters.
Portable HVLS fan

Excellent Solution

Overall, The Portable HVLS fan KA-38Y is an excellent solution for those seeking a flexible and efficient cooling solution. Whether it is for use in a single room or for moving from here to there, these units provide a convenient and cost-effective way to keep your home or office cool and comfortable all year round.

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