Top 5 Countries that use HVLS Fans in Asia

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HVLS fans are efficient for the ventilation of a large area. They are cost-effective, energy-saving, and excellent for factories, warehouses, libraries, shopping malls, dairy barns, restaurants, etc. These large industrial and commercial ceiling fans are widely used in many countries. HVLS fans are the necessity of large areas in China, VietnamThailandSingapore, and Malaysia. The size of HVLS fans is quite large, so it covers a wide area easily. For an area of 1500 square meters, you only need to install one large industrial ceiling fan. Now you can imagine that you only need a few units for a large area. These are very simple and more beneficial than other ventilating systems.

Indeed, there are dozens of benefits of using HVLS fans. That is the reason that HVLS fans are very common in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. Today, we will discuss why these fans are used in these countries and what are the benefits of using HVLS fans in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. Let’s start the discussion.

Why do these countries use HVLS fans?

We will discuss the reason why HVLS fans are common in these countries, and what is the reason that they are more beneficial.


China is a huge country having an area of around 9.579 million square kilometers. The overall population of China is almost 1.43 billion. Due to the vast area, there are a variety of climates. Not all areas are hot; it depends on the area where you are. The northern mountains and plateaus are very cold, but the high mountains and highlands are hot. Because of the diverse landforms, China is divided into five zones. The average whole year temperature is around 11.8˚C. While the highest temperature is 31˚C. Most of the months in most cities are hot. The hottest months are July and August. The winter comes only for a few months in most regions.

china weather min

The warm-temperature regions of China are Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, northern Xinjiang and Heilongjiang. The warm temperature zones have temperatures in the range of -3.7˚C to 24.4˚C. Most of the months are hot. The temperature zone includes Shandong, Shanxi, Hebei, and Shaanxi. The temperature ranges from -1˚C to 26.6˚C. Furthermore, the temperature of the subtropical zone is in the range of 3.5˚C to 27.7˚C.

While the range of temperature in the tropical zone is 21˚C to 33.1˚C. From the above statistics, it is evident that in most places the temperature is either normal or hot. The cold temperature is only in the cold-temperature zone where
the temperature is -19.4˚C to 23˚C. So, most areas have a normal or high temperature.

Benefits of Using HVLS fans in China

HVLS large industrial and commercial ceiling fans can be beneficial in this temperature and weather. In normal temperatures, the HVLS ceiling fans can do ventilation; there is no need to run the HVAC system. In this case, they can save a lot of money. The people in the area remain comfortable due to the high airflow of fans. While in hot temperatures, large industrial and commercial fans ventilate the area. They can assist the HVAC system. You can increase the set point of the HVAC system to a few degrees if the HVLS fans are running. This saves energy, and due to high airflow, the cool air is distributed quickly in large areas.

2. Vietnam

Vietnam does not have four distinguishable seasons. You can only see two types of seasons that are summer and winter. But four seasons are distinguishable in northern parts only. The months can be divided into dry and rainy. The rainy season is from May to October, while the dry season is from November to April. Let’s see the temperature range in Hanoi (the capital of Vietnam) in detail.

In March, April, and May, the maximum average temperature ranges from 23˚C to 32˚C, while the minimum temperature ranges from 17˚C to 23˚C. These are the hot days of Hanoi. The hottest months are June, July, and August. The average temperature is 33˚C. The average maximum temperature in these months is from 32˚C-33˚C. While the average minimum temperature is from 25˚C to 26˚C. All these days are hot, but rain is common in these months. These days, people use air conditioning systems.

vietnam weather min

September, October, and November are also hot, but they are rainy. There are usually storms in these months. The average minimum and maximum temperature in Hanoi can be from 24˚C to 31˚C. Only the months, December, January, and February are not too hot nor cold. In Hanoi, these months are normal. The maximum average temperature is in the range of 20˚C to 22˚C, and the minimum average temperature is in the range of 14˚C to 15˚C. The temperature decreases from December to February. This is actually the so-called winter in Hanoi. After that, the temperature starts to increase from March.

Benefits of HVLS fans in Vietnam

Indeed, it is clear that most of the months in Hanoi are hot. The same is the case with almost the whole country except the northern areas. Large HVLS ceiling fans can be highly beneficial in these temperatures. These fans can reduce the temperature of the area and provide a cooling sensation to the people. People will feel more energetic and fresher. This is the reason that HVLS fans are very common in Vietnam. These fans are placed in large areas including large factories, warehouses, gymnasium, etc. HVLS fans can work excellently in Vietnam and provide low-cost ventilation solutions. Furthermore, during humid days, these fans can also reduce the humidity of the area up to certain percentages. Overall, HVLS fans can be highly beneficial for large areas in Vietnam.

3. Thailand

Thailand is a very hot country. Throughout the whole year, it remains hot. Even on the cold days, the temperature is not very low. It remains very hot and humid during summers. While in winters, the temperature is normal. The temperature in hot seasons ranges from 29˚C-38˚C. This temperature is from March to May. This is the summer season of Thailand. In the rainy seasons, the temperature is in the range of 26˚C to 32˚C, which is from June to October. During the rainy season, the temperature is still hot. The coldest season is from November to February. The temperature in this season ranges from 19˚C to 30˚C. From the above temperatures of Thailand, it is evident that it remains hot for the whole year. Let’s discuss more the capital of Thailand, Bangkok.

thailand weather min

The spring season in Bangkok is from March to May. The temperature remains hot in this season. The maximum and minimum average temperature ranges from 25˚C to 35˚C. The days are very hot, but the nights are normal. The temperature from June to August is also high. It ranges from 25˚C to 32˚C. But during these months, there are many rainy days. So, with high temperatures, the days are humid. The temperature in Bangkok remains high even from September to November. The temperature is in the range of 25˚C to 31˚C. The coldest season is from December to February like many Asian countries. But the temperature is not low in these months; it is in the range of 21˚C to 33˚C.

Benefits of HVLS fans in Thailand

Thailand remains hot for the whole year. There is no question about it that HVLS fans are essential for Thailand. Furthermore, they can work for the whole year without any hassle. They will work with the air conditioning system. The days in Thailand are also humid, so the humidity can be greatly reduced by the help of large industrial and ceiling fans. HVLS fans are necessary for all large areas in Thailand. It is true that air conditioning systems can cool the place alone, but that will be costly. Furthermore, they can help to spread the cool air to a wide area using the high volume airflow. On a normal day, only HVLS fans can work alone; there is no need to use HVAC systems. People in large areas will remain dry and comfortable on humid days. In addition, they will feel cooler.

4. Singapore

The climate of Singapore is also hot. During the whole year, the temperature remains high. The average temperature ranges from 30˚C to 32˚C in hot seasons. Even in cold weather, the temperature remains the same. Only a few areas of the north have a little lower temperature. Overall, it is a hot country with a higher level of humidity. Due to high humidity and temperature, people feel uncomfortable while working. Therefore, air conditioning systems and HVLS fans are necessary for Singapore.

singapore weather min

Let’s get into the temperature details of Singapore City. From March to May, the average temperature ranges from 23˚C to 31˚C. During the day, it is very hot around 31˚C. March and April have very high rainfall. Most days are rainy. Due to rain and high temperature, it is uncomfortable for people to work without proper ventilation and cooling systems. Some days can be very hot with the temperature around 35˚C. The average maximum and minimum temperatures in June, July, and August are also similar. It is from 23˚C to 31˚C. But these days are less rainy. The same is the case in September, October, November, and the rest of the months. The rainy days in December and January are more as compared to other months.

Benefits of HVLS fans in Singapore

We have seen the temperature range for the whole year. There is no winter in Singapore that has a very low temperature. The temperature remains hot throughout the year. Moreover, the rainy days are more humid. Singapore remains humid and hot for the whole year. Therefore, HVLS fans are very beneficial in Singapore. These fans can be usually in all commercial and industrial places. They provide comfort in the harsh weather. According to the temperature and rainy days, the HVLS fans can work for the whole year in Singapore. They can provide year-round benefits. Hence, to make the area cooler and comfortable for the people, HVLS fans are the best option for large places in Singapore.

5. Malaysia

Malaysia is also a hot and humid place. The temperature remains hot for the whole year. On hot days, the temperature can be in the range of 25˚C to 32˚C. Even in the cold seasons, the temperature remains around 25˚C. Only a few mountainous regions are a little cold, but their temperature is also around 15˚C.

malaysia weather min

In Kuala Lumpur, the average temperature in March, April, and May remains in the range of 25˚C to 32˚C. This temperature is hot, but there are rainy days in these months. For the whole year, the temperature remains the same. The highest number of rainy days are in October and November. Even the winter in Kuala Lumpur has the temperature in the range of 22˚C to 33˚C. This clearly shows that during the whole year, the temperature remains the same in Kuala Lumpur. The same is the case with all other cities and states as well. Due to the high number of rainy days, the humidity is always near 75%.

Benefits of HVLS fans in Kuala Lumpur

Since Malaysia is hot for the whole year, HVLS fans can be very beneficial. These fans can reduce the humidity of the area and make the environment cooler. HVLS fans are common in Malaysia due to this reason. With the help of HVLS fans, air quality can be improved. Humidity can be a cause of discomfort and many allergic problems. Due to the high airflow of HVLS fans, the humidity remains low. The fans provide an environment free of odor and allergens.


In short, HVLS fans are very common in ChinaVietnamThailandSingapore, and Malaysia. The reason behind it is the temperature and humidity. All these countries are at high temperature during the whole year. Some of them have winter seasons, but the temperature does not fall very much. While some countries have almost the same temperature throughout the year. Due to these reasons, the use of HVLS fans in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia is much more than in other countries. For the comfort of people in large areas, large industrial and commercial ceiling fans are necessary.

RTFANS large industrial and commercial ceiling fans are available in a wide range. Different sizes and models are available according to the area. These fans have a very high airflow at low speed that helps to reduce humidity and air temperature. For more information on RTFANS HVLS fans, feel free to contact us.


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