For commercial ventilation and cooling, people normally look for energy-saving and good-looking products. Air conditioning is the most common choice. If not considering the electricity bills, air conditioning is a good choice.

Do we have any better product than air conditioning, which can provide cooling while consuming less energy?

Yes, evaporative air coolers or HVLS fans or a combined system. If you install air conditioning already, you can add HVLS fan products into the system to save energy costs, up to 30%!

Portable Air Cooler ka-30
Portable Air Cooler KA-30
Portable Air Cooler ka-1b
Portable Air Cooler KA-1B
Portable Air Cooler ka-24
Portbale Air Cooler KA-24
Portable Air Cooler ka-20
Portable Air Cooler KA-20
Air Coolers Featurers
60,000CMH Air Cooler
Air Coolers Featurers
45,000CMH Air Cooler
Air Coolers Featurers
35,000CMH Air Cooler
Portable Air Cooler
Portable Air Cooler
Air Coolers Featurers
25,000CMH Air Cooler Centrifugal
Air Coolers Featurers
36,000CMH Air Cooler