Keeping cool in a large industrial area is not easy, that’s why we are here to help.

A large industrial area normally means large coverage and huge power consumption—so talking about industrial ventilation and cooling, is there any chance we can cool a large area with less money and energy?

Surely yes.

RTFANS adopts natural cooling with the simple theory: water evaporation absorbs heat. With the RTFANS high-quality evaporative air coolers, it delivers a large volume of cooled air with small power consumption to large buildings. RTFANS HVLS fan helps the air cooler to deliver the air in a more efficient way and to a larger coverage.

Cooling Pad System
Evaporative Cooling Pad 7090
Honeycomb Cooling Pad 7090
Evaporative Cooling Pad 5090
Honeycomb Cooling Pad 5090