Nowadays we get used to using air conditioning in our homes and office.

One of the great ironies of climate change is that as the planet warms, the technology that people need to stay cool will only make the climate hotter. By 2050, researchers expect the number of room air conditioners on Earth to quadruple to 4.5 billion, becoming at least as ubiquitous as cell phones are today. By the end of the century, greenhouse gas emissions from air conditioning will account for as much as a 0.5-degree Celsius rise in global temperatures, according to calculations by the World Economic Forum.

Do we have a better way to cool our homes and offices? If air conditioning is a must, do we have any method to make any improvement on energy consumption?

In some extremely dry areas such as Sudan, Iraq, and the desert area, evaporative air coolers are replacing air conditioning units to cool residential areas. In most European countries such as France, people refuse to use air conditioning, they have portable fans instead. From now on, smaller HVLS fans might also be considered as an option for home use.

Indoor/Outdoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler
KA-025M & KA-025B